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Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

A good day should start with a quintessential breakfast to provide necessary fuel to our body. Despite we live in Penang and blessed with a variety of choices for breakfast, we have a special affection toward Dim Sum. Translated to "touch" and "heart" from the Chinese wordings, Dim Sum means to be served in smaller portion as appetizer to satiate the appetite before going to the main meals.

Today, we are listing our top 10 favorite dim sum restaurants in Penang.

One of the popular spot to enjoy some great dim sum in Bayan Baru / Bayan Lepas / Gelugor area without going to Georgetown is Red Tea House Dim Sum 红茶馆点心 at Taman Lip Sin. This breakfast spot is always thronged with crowd. The restaurant breaks through from a conventional dim sum serving style, where you will need to go to the counter and pick your desired items and bring to your table, though minimal number of staffs will carry around selections of dishes from table to table. Price is slightly above average but well justified by the taste.

Red Tea House Dim Sum 红茶馆点心
56, Lorong Nipah 4, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Operation hours: 6am - 2pm (dim sum)
Location map direction

2. Tai Tong Restaurant 大東酒楼

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

Tai Tong restaurant is one of the oldest dim sum establishment in Penang. It is believed to established in the 1950s and has appeased the tongue of many Georgetown folks, especially our parents' generation. I recalled my parents' excitement when I told them we will be going to Tai Tong for dinner. The restaurant still exists on its original facade today and has a group of senior crews, just like a building from the past trapped in the time travel.

Tai Tong Restaurant
45, Lebuh Cintra, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
+604-263 6625
Operation hours: 6 am - 2.30 pm & 6.15 - 11.30 pm

3. Yee Heong Dim Sum 宜香茶楼饭店

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

Numerous dim sum restaurant congregated in Georgetown made Yee Heong restaurant, a historical Cantonese restaurant appeared to be shunned down. Nevertheless, rest assured the dim sum served here is good and reasonably priced, although the choices offered would be relatively lesser than the other dim sum restaurants. 

Yee Heong Restaurant
12, 14, Lebuh Campbell, 10450, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 6am - 2:30pm; 5:30pm - 9:30pm (Closed on Thursday)
Tel: 04-261 6990

4. Tho Yuen Restaurant 桃园茶楼

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

The 80-years old Cantonese Dim Sum restaurant - Tho Yuen Restaurant still standing strong against the tide of modernization in F&B industry within the vicinity of Georgetown. There are assortment of dim sum, a variety of noodles and chicken rice available till late lunch hours. Do try out their freshly baked egg tarts that come with a crisp and thin crust to hold the pleasant egg custard fillings.

Tho Yuen Restaurant 桃园茶楼鸡饭 Restaurant @ Penang 
92, Lebuh Campell, 10100, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.
+604-261 4672
Operation hours: 6:00am - 3:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Aik Hoe Dim Sum would be one of our favorite eating spot in the morning, especially when we are yearning for small bites dim sum in Georgetown area. No fancy decoration, the coffee shop still keeping the ko cha bi Penang style interior.

Dim sum choices offered though not extensive but most of the popular dishes can be found here. There are no cart services moving around the shop, so do head over the counter to pick on your own. However from time to time, the waiters will carry a small tray asking us if we would like to have anything else. Prices are wallet friendly too.

Restoran Aik Hoe
6 & 8 Lebuh Carnavon, Georgetown, 10100 Penang, Malaysia
(6016) 472 0971
Operation Hours : 6.30 am – 2pm (Closed on Monday & Tuesday)
Location map direction

6. Prosperous Dim Sum Restaurant 福星点心茶楼

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

Since year 2012, Prosperous Restaurant has been offering variety of dim sum for those living in georgetown area. Though they have prepared big area for tables, it is still difficult to locate an empty seat during the weekends. There is a great variety of dim sum choices along with affordable price tags.

Prosperous Dim Sum Restaurant 福星点心茶楼
No.202-G5 (Beside Red Rock Hotel), Jalan Macalister,, 10400 George Town, Malaysia
+6010-383 2588
Operation hours: 5am - 2pm (Daily)

7. Restaurant Zim Sum 点心之家

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

Restaurant Zim Sum 点心之家 is one of the popular spot among Penangites for savoury dim sum. They are renowned for serving a wide variety of dim sum and having a large restaurant area to cater for exodus of crowds. Years ago, Restaurant Zim Sum was located at Jalan Anson but had since moved to Jalan Macalister. During our visit nearing to lunch hours on a weekday, dim sum choices were still abundant and the service was swift. 

Restaurant Zim Sum
Operation hours: 6.30 am - 2 pm

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

One of the popular spot for local Penangites to savour some Dim Sum delicacies will be Leong Kee Tim Sum 龙记港式点心. This corner lot restaurant is always packed with customers especially during weekend morning. Sometimes at late morning around 11am, it is still hard to locate an empty table. What amazed us over here is the spread of dim sum here. However, Leong Kee Tim Sum practices a modern way of serving dim sum, which you are needed to get your desired dim sum from the counter.  

Leong Kee Tim Sum
+6016-441 5492
Operation hours: 5.30 am - 12.30 pm (Daily)

9. Yong Pin Dim Sum Restaurant 榕檳茶樓

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

Another vintage restaurant in Penang, Yong Pin Dim Sum Restaurant has been serving dim sum for ages. There are a variety of both steamed and fried items, and the veteran consumers here will go for their Malai kuih.

Yong Pin Dim Sum Restaurant 榕檳茶樓
No. 11-B & C, Jalan Sungai Ujong, 10100, George Town, Pulau Pinang
+604-261 1355
Operation hours: 6 am - 12 pm (Daily for Breakfast) & 7 pm - 12 am (Monday to Saturday for main dishes)

10. Golden Phoenix Restaurant @ Hotel Equatorial Penang

Top 10 Dim Sum in Penang

The last restaurant that makes into our list is Golden Phoenix Restaurant located in Hotel Equatorial Hotel. With Chinese chefs that are adept in crafting delicious dim sum, the restaurant serves topnotch dim sum albeit with the above average price tags.

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