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Tho Yuen Restaurant 桃园茶楼鸡饭 Restaurant @ Penang

The reputable Tho Yuen Restaurant, which has earned tonnes of éclat is a hot-spot for a real sit-down breakfast or brunch for Penangites. Located between the intersection of Lebuh Campbell and Cintra Street, swarms of locals and tourists now flocking here ever since Georgetown has been bestowed the UNESCO World Herritage Site. Despite that, quality of the food served here still stay on the very top-notch.

The restaurant serves dim sum starting from wee hours in the morning, and varieties of noodles and chicken rice later in the afternoon. We arrived here for their lunch instead of breakfast, and felt bad as we missed out to try their dim sums.

It is rumoured they served one of the best egg tarts in Penang and our hope to try them was thwarted as we came late. Brimming within wretched heart, we asked the chef is there any egg tarts left. Within a sudden the light of sun rays shone upon us as we were told the makers of the egg tarts might keep some and he will check for us.  

Minutes later, there comes a very senior chef (whom we assumed to be the maker of the egg tart) pass 2 egg tarts for us. The oval shaped egg tarts indeed live up to its expectation, with a crispy and thin crust to hold the pleasant taste egg custards fillings. The egg custard texture is made to perfection with decent firmness, and well balanced in the level of sweetness. It was really nice till we consumed the crisp flakes left on the plates. 

Persistent to try their dim sum still, we ordered what remained - Siew Mai. 

Char Siew Pau was another good choice, as the dough was soft and the pork fillings emitted nice scent of char siew. The slices of char siew was well stuffed within the dough and not too chunky to chew.

As we were new here, the chef patiently explained to us various types of noodles available and the process of cooking it. We opted for Hong Tu Noodles 鸿图面(RM7), which deep fried noodles is served with starchy egg soup. Add on vinegar depending the level of suitability to enhance the flavours.

 Fried Dried Yin Yeong (RM7), which was a mixture of hor fun and vermicelli without the usual starchy soup. The vermicelli was fried to crisp and possess a nice wok-hei. Add on bird eye chilli to add on a sense of spiciness.

Final order was sui kow (dumplings) and fish balls. A decent amount of minced pork is wrapped within the thin skin. 

We were attracted by various snacks at the counter when we were paying the bills. Intrigued by its appearance, we ordered 2 different types of snacks without knowing what they were (even though we consulted the chef) for trial. Both contain minced pork as fillings. 

Total bill excluding 2 pieces of the snacks was RM41.75 (including GST), which we feel is reasonable as we had quite a number of meal and snack here. The environment of the restaurant is cozy and spacious, while the chefs/staffs here are friendly. 

Tho Yuen Restaurant 桃园茶楼鸡饭 Restaurant @ Penang 
92, Lebuh Campell, 10100, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.
04-261 4672
Operation hours: 6:00am - 3:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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