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About Us

Hola! This blog is managed by Ee Pin & Shirleen, a couple hailed and currently residing in Penang, Malaysia. If you are looking to get some feedback and review on local eateries in Penang, Kedah & Perlis, then this is the site meant for you. On top of that, we do feature our adventures to other states in Malaysia & foreign countries, events, places, daily products which we come across. 

Life update to year 2023, our little family has grown into family of four by adding two little cute girls.

Crisp of Life Blogger

Initially, the blog serves as a platform to record the series of events that we both experience, and currently has been germinated to a journal to put down the latest reviews and information we have, letting you all to enjoy the updated information. It is a challenge sometimes to juggle between the reality of working and writing for blog but the satisfactory yielded is beyond words.

We were once deprived of our objectives in life. Everyday the chores revolve around work, eat and sleep. The regular weekends will be spent at shopping malls, watching latest movies in cinema and doing some windows shopping due to thriftiness. Occasionally hopping for a one off vacation annually. As time goes by, we wandered aimlessly in the life, not knowing what to pursue in our life.

Things change radically when Shirleen was inspired to pick up a hobby to do designing and crafting jewelry business, and fashioned her very own brand - Shirleen Jeweliciouss. Shen then attempted to inspire Ee Pin to do something differently in life, and somehow she manages to persuade Ee Pin to get a DSLR camera when he does not even know how to take a sharp picture using a mobile phone.

Taking photos had then spurred into hobbies for both of us. Currently we own a Nikon D5300 and Fujifilm X-T20, and these 2 gears have greatly contributed to the photos in the blog. Combining photography with blogging, we ought these to be our real passion, keeping our life momentum going instead of the regular office life and sleep. Though still relatively amateurish in photography, we strive to improve from time to time. 

We wrote for the monthly Penang Food & Travel magazine, which extensively introduce Penang food and places of attractions to local and overseas tourists. The magazine is available in both online and hard-copy version for free, and you may grab the physical copies at various tourist spots, hotels and eateries across Penang. 

As of today (14/03/2023), we draw average 60k monthly views to our blog page - Crisp of Life. If you know any food outlets or interesting events, please let us know as we are as enthusiast as you to try them out. At the meantime, do check out our Top List in Penang featuring various food we worth trying. 

Thank you everyone for the support! 

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  1. [email protected] bro this is my cousin shop very famous in aloe star.. need your help for promo the food I’m from Mee Penang Bukit Tambun

    1. Hi Chef Hashim.. Sure. May I know the name of his stall?

  2. Are you still doing this blog?