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We hope you enjoy reading our blog. If you any question or any need, we can be reached through the email of If you would like us to join for any food, travel or product review, don't hesitate to email us as well.


  1. Hi Guys
    Just found the blog and FB page and absolutely love it. We need help !! We are moving to Penang in a few months and have never even visited. We just applied for a visa and will arrive before it's finalized on a tourist visa. We plan on staying at The Copthorne Orchid Hotel and searching for an apartment, opening a bank account and waiting for our visa to be approved. Then we have to travel to KL to finalize it. Our story is on and we hope you visit the page.

    We are searching for new friends and love nothing more than foodies like yourself. We are retiring early and have ample money saved so we intend to travel all over SE Asia. Loved your post on Hua Hin. We also love Thailand !! We wrote you a private email and hope to make contact when we arrive in late June or early July

    Rob and Diane

  2. I lve your story and your concept I also love the name: 92 Armenians
    what made you to rename this business 92 Armenians, any reason please tell me the story behind the name, I'm Armenian Origin from Australia living in Manila for now doing business in Philippines, I have visited KL many times in the past I have lots of friends there also, great people. well thanks for keeping the good name I'm proud of you.
    Joe Doumanian is my full name AKA Joe Dooman
    thanks, God Bless you all.