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The 5th Generation Cantonese Restaurant - 宜香茶楼饭店 Yee Heong Restaurant @ Lebuh Campbell, Penang

Despite the modernization of Georgetown, there are still a handful of legendary restaurants that managed to have leave their mark on Penangites gastronomy. One of them is Yee Heong restaurant (宜香茶楼饭店), a Cantonese restaurant which is managed by 5th generation of the family. The restaurant serves dim sum for breakfast and features an extensive menu for Cantonese stir fried dishes, or known as zhu char by locals during lunch and dinner. Among the signature dishes here are Braised Pork Hand, Roasted Fish Head, Stewed Mutton in Claypot and Claypot Seafood.

宜香茶楼饭店 Yee Heong Restaurant
Braised Pork Hand 红烧猪手 (RM 28)
宜香茶楼饭店 Yee Heong Restaurant
Claypot Seafood 沙煲海味 (RM 28)
The crew recommended us to have Braised Pork Hand (RM 28) and it was never disappointing. Served with half pork hand and cooked with elusive starchy gravy, the pork knuckles meat is tender and comes with a lot of gelatin. Although both of us did not know how to appreciate gelatin, we did find the gelatin part here enjoyable in taste. The starchy gravy makes a good gravy for a plain rice.

For something lighter, we went for Claypot Seafood (RM 28). To be more precise, it has fish maws instead of assortment of seafood, and served along with mushrooms, broccoli and mushrooms. The taste is soothing and we consider it as something soothing.

There are many other dishes available here and the crew is always more than happy to recommend you. 

宜香茶楼饭店 Yee Heong Restaurant

宜香茶楼饭店 Yee Heong Restaurant

宜香茶楼饭店 Yee Heong Restaurant

It was close to Mooncake Festival during our time of visit, and the restaurant also offers a variety of mooncakes for sales. In front of the mooncake stall lies a statue brought from China which has history of more than 100 years.

宜香茶楼饭店 Yee Heong Restaurant

Yee Heong Restaurant
12, 14, Lebuh Campbell, 10450, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 6am - 2:30pm; 5:30pm - 9:30pm (Closed on Thursday)
Tel: 04-261 6990

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