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7 Best Local Hawker Coffee in Penang

A day without coffee is like something without something! A cup of coffee is a must for us on a daily basis, and a great cup of coffee even perfect the day. Although the town is dominated by hipster cafe that serves great artisan coffee, we are going to share out some classic kopitiam style coffee that you should definitely pay a visit!

1. Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop 广泰来咖啡店

Leith Street Food Trail

The almost century-old traditional coffee shop Kong Thai Lai is popular for its traditional breakfast set comprising of a cup of "Gao" Hainanese coffee, kaya butter toast and half boiled egg. Kong thai Lai's charm is so immense that many brilliant minds we know such as the late Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew, a local tycoon and Tan Sri Robert Kuok, a global business magnate used to patronise this unpretentious eatery. 

Kong Thai Lai
38 Leith street, George Town, Malaysia
+6011-2344 7832
Operation hours: 7.30 am - 3 pm (Closed on Sunday)

2. Ah Wang Coffee Shop

Ah Wang Coffee Shop is located at an unobvious food court surrounded by flats in Tanjung Tokong. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy it with their signature toasts with different breads - wholemeal, Bengali (Indian bread), buns and sandwich (normal white bread). Their homemade kaya spread is delicious too! 

Ah Wang Cafe
J-6, Gerai UDA, Flat UDA Fasa 3, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 12.30 pm - 7 pm ( Closed on Sunday)
Location map refer here.

3. Toh Soon

Campbell Street Penang Food Eateries

Snugged in a small alley at Campbell Cafe is a modest and unpretentious coffee stall - Toh Soon Cafe Treat yourself a cup of thick coffee here while snack on the traditional charcoal toasted peanut butter breads. Be patient though as tables are limited here! 

Toh Soon Cafe 多春茶室
184 Campbell Street, Off Penang Road
George Town, 10100 Penang
8 am - 6 pm (Closed on Sundays)

Bayan Baru Food Court @ Penang

Those working around Bayan Baru or Bayan Lepas will be familiar with Poh Hock Coffee. It is rich, aromatic and gives a real boast to your energy level with the strong caffeine. The business was especially brisk during the lunch hour! 

Poh Hock Coffee
B8, Kompleks Sri Selera, 62, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang,
Operation hours: 8am - 8pm (Mon to Fri); 11am - 5pm (Sat; Closed on Sunday)

5. Boon Kee Kopi Tarik 

Boon Kee Ipoh's Bean Sprout Chicken Rice with Kopi Kao 文记怡保芽菜鸡 @ Relau, Penang

Boon Kee Coffee Shop offers Ipoh style bean sprout chicken during lunch hour and zhu char at night but the secret here is their Kopi Kao Tarik and Teh Kao Tarik. The coffee has overflown thick frothy top which set to amaze you upon served! 

Boon Kee Bean Sprout Chicken Rice @ Beng Aun Coffee Shop
Operation hours: Lunch hour around 11am-4pm (Closed on Monday)
Location map refers here.

6. Toon Leong Coffee Shop

Brewed using their own coffee powder, Toon Leong Coffee Shop serves one of a kind coffee which is not available elsewhere in Penang. The coffee is strong and has a sharp acidity. Penangites sometimes drop by here just to purchase their coffee powder. 

Toon Leong Coffee Shop
Intersection between Jalan Transfer and Jalan Argyll, 10300 Penang 
Operation hours: 6am - 10pm (Closed althernate Sunday)
Landmark: Opposite Caltex Jalan Argyll
Location map refer here.

7. Local "Starbucks" @ Nordin Street

The once quiet Penang version of "Starbucks" went viral over social media thanks to a few influencers who stir up the heat. It is called "Starbucks" because the star shape Latte Art purportedly put up after brewing a cup of great coffee. As the craze over it has not over, be prepared to join a long queue just to enjoy a cup of coffee here. 

Penang's 'Starbucks' Coffee
Lebuh Noordin, Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 9 am - 2 pm (Manned by uncle); 2pm - 5 pm (Manna by aunty)
Landmarks: Behind St Giles Hotel

Get your friends now and enjoy the best of local fare coffee in Penang following our list! 

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