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Coffee @ Toon Leong Coffee Shop, Penang

Located in a heritage building and unobvious toward passer-by, Toon Loong coffee shop serves simple and appetizing breakfast – coffee, toast and half boiled egg, as well as Nasi Kandar.

The coffee served here is brewed with their own made coffee powder, distinguished it from other coffee you may have tasted in kopitiam in Penang. The coffee is thick enough and offers a great sensation of richness and aroma. The originality of the coffee powder is made known by the slight acidic taste that strikes your taste buds by sipping the coffee. Kopi-O might be a better choice as we found out the hot coffee was rather sweet. Cold coffee is also an excellent choice for coffee lovers out there.

Toast and half boiled eggs are available as well. The toast was average for me, with a balanced but not too strong kaya and butter taste. Half boiled eggs were nicely made and matched the toast well. These cost us total damage of RM 8.20.

It is not bizarre that local Penangites are seen sitting in the coffee shop for prolong hours, enjoying the coffee and chatting with friends. Hence, with its limited seat availability, be prepared to wait for some time before you get an empty table. Nevertheless the locals are very friendly and joined table is always welcomed.
There is a nasi kandar stall at Toon Leong coffee shop as well, serving a variety of dishes with mouth-watering curries. We went there at 10am and the dishes were almost finishing. Judging by this, the nasi kandar must be another nice dishes here.
Toon Leong homemade coffee powder is also available for sale.
Toon Leong Coffee Shop

Intersection between Jalan Transfer and Jalan Argyll, 10300 Penang 
Operation hours: 6am - 10pm (Closed althernate Sunday)
Landmark: Opposite Caltex Jalan Argyll
Location map refer here.

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