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Colourful Rice at Macallum Street Flat @ Penang

There are numerous hawkers stalls within the vicinity of Macallum street flats to cater for the local communities. Having said that, we discovered a hidden gem here, which is a modest stall selling a variety of healthy rice - blue flower, lemongrass and turmeric

If you are looking for a feeling of motherly home cook taste dishes then here is your best option. A few mouth watering home cook dishes are offered but be sure to come early to prevent disappointment. 

Although the naturally coloured rice is intriguing, it was merely aesthetically appealing as the taste has no difference comparing to normal white rice, though the nutritional value might be debatable. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the green curry chicken on the above plate. 

The thick green curry gravy carries a tad of spicy burning sensation, best for people whom has an average tolerance level toward chili. 

We went for turmeric rice for our second plate as lemongrass rice had finished. The lady owner recommended us to take bbq pork marinated with red fermented beancurd ( 南乳肉) , which she claimed is her signature traditional recipe. 

Taking the lady owner's recommendation was a right choice. The slight hint of saltiness induced by the fermented beancurd manage to make a difference in the crisp bbq pork, and without realization piece by piece is being put into mouth and the concern on fat is well forgotten.

Various dessert is available and we went for their signature blue flower drink, which tasted like a cooling barley drink. 

We have never come across pumpkin sago as a dessert, and our first encounter here was a pleasant experience. Usually pumpkin taste mushy as a dish but as a dessert, the natural sweetness of pumpkin is vividly tasted complemented with the sago. Slices of pumpkin fibers can be tasted, and there is an option to have it topped with coconut milk.

The lunch here cost us RM 15.50 overall, which average out to RM 7.75 per person. We felt it is pretty reasonable, and we might come back again for the dessert.

Colourful Rice at Macallum Street Flat
No. 256, PKLN Weld Flat PDC, 10300, Penang
Tel: 012-409 7881 / 017- 478 4468 
Operation hours: 11:00am till finish (Close on Sunday) 

Location map refers here

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