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Mee Goreng @ Gat Lebuh Cicil, Penang

When you had a bad lunch, you might be looking for something toothsome to compensate your dissatisfaction that keep wandering inside you. How about a plate of mee goreng for your tea break? In front Sin Hong Leong coffee shop, There is a makeshift stall parking. You will find two Malay guys busily frying and preparing mee goreng there. As usual, we always order for extra egg and spicy.

Red-hot Mee Goreng (RM 3.40) was fried in Malay style which is more towards dry version. Ingredients they have added in squid, potato, tofu and bean sprouts. Emitting very strong scent of wok hei and a little bit sourly came from tomato paste. Most importantly, the egg was perfectly blended and attached to the noodle.

The Mee Goreng chefs are very friendly. After we finished the noodles and walked out the coffee shop, they even confirm with us was the noodle too spicy of us. They were so concern the spiciness they have added on could be intolerable for us. Very hearty chefs they are.

Mee Goreng @ Sin Hong Leong Coffee Shop
Gat Lebuh Cicil, Penang, George Town, 10300
Operation hours: 1.30 pm - 6 pm (Daily)
Location map refers here.

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