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[MEDAN] Lake Toba @ Indonesia

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and also the largest volcanic lake in the world. One shall not miss visiting this Lake when travelling to Medan and spend one night stay at Samosir island. I am sure it will give you an awe. Due to the eruption of Tabo happened around  70 000 years ago, Samosir island was formed at the middle of the lake, but a land connected island.

We took Sejahtera bus from Amplas Terminal, took around 4-5 hours bus ride to 
Parapat for IDR 32,000/ pax. I saw online most people recommended us take Intra bus as it is much newer and cleaner, however unfortunately the bus wasn't operating during our trip. Sejathera bus was old, seat cushion was hard, passenger tend to smoke inside the bus. It was quite a torturing journey in this condition.

Alternatively, you may take train from Setasiun Kereta Api Medan to Permatang Siantar for IDR 40, 000 for 4 hours ride. Then, take one hour ride by taxi to Parapat.

Then, board on ferry to Samosir island with the damage of  IDR10,000/pax for another 40 minutes.

Due to last minute booking, we only manage to get us a room at Toba Village Inn (IDR 500,000). Comfy room with homey ambiance. The weather is chilly that fans nor air conditioner is needed in the room.

There are swimming pool , small cottage facing the lake. We could really enjoy some quiet time with fresh air at here, maybe just the noise from the nature.

After settling down, we decided to walk and check around. Spotted this black dog guarding the stall.

The sea was so blueish-green and chilling, enjoy immersing our tired leg in the lake water and the sound of  nature rhythm. By the time we reach lake Toba was evening time, thus the reflection of sunset on the lake was breathtaking.

Hungry stomach craving some porky meal. Most of the poeple on the island are Christian thus pork is easily spotted. The aroma from the babi bakar at Elios Restaurant was killing us thus we decided make a try. The pork was well marinated and the green chili paste gave the pork extra kick. Most importantly, it is spicy~

Lots of western food restaurant along the road, should be targeting those foreign visitor. However, we prefer restaurant selling local food. We decided gave Rohana's restaurant a try. When come to Indonesia, fruit juice shall be the juice you opted for, as it is cheap and rich in flavor. We opted for Tamarillo fruit juice (IDR 12,000). Eggplant spaghetti (IDR 20,000) was pretty good and the eggplant was sweet

Curious over what is Saksang (IDR 25,000), thus we make a try. The brownish sauce was made of coconut with some spices and cook with pork. It would special but it could be distasteful for one to finish the whole plate on his own.

Sneak in to Samosir Villa Resort to sooth our disappointing heart for not being able to book a room here. The hotel's price was affordable but having the resort standard.


Breakfast at Taba Village Inn was quite a disappointing, choices are limited and portion are limited. However, the handmade bread by the angmo chef was amazing.

We rented an automatic motorcycle (IDR 90,000/day) for Tomok and Ambarita exploration.  The padi field scene along the way was magnificent.

Pointy roof of Batak House at Tomok where you can find a small village with wet market and souvenir selling.

Next, we visited Huta Siallacan at Ambarity, here you would find some stone chairs and a stone toable, which make up an ancient court yard.

Another stone chairs spotted at the graveyard nearby.

Spotted this portable mark on our way back to our room.

Boarded the ferry reluctantly to go back to Parapat. Another 4 hours bus ride. @@

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