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[MEDAN] Trip @ Indonesia

Arrived at the newly built Kuala Namu Airport (since July 2013, replaced Polonia Airport), we took the Carefour-Kualanamu bus to Carefour supermarket for IDR 15,000.

Just opposite carefour, we simply pick one coffee shop, Hidangan Muslim Multazam to fill our hungry stomach.

Amazed by their complimentary oyster and bird egg satay due to the pungent paste stick to the satay. The fishy scent of oyster was totally replaced and left with chewy texture

Nasi Ayam Penyek (IDR 17,000) was quite dry but the best part of this dish is the spicy sambal. It was so appetizing.

You may add on this green chili too.

Gado-gado (IDR 10,000), their local specialties, pretty similar to our Indian pasembur in Malaysia. Mixured of vegetable, steamed egg and krupuk and topped with peanut dressing. First thing to do touching down Indonisa, must order their fruit juice-> Jus Belanda (Soursop fruit juice) 

Then, we took cab to Danau Toba International Hotel (USD 41.69). Cab is easy to find at shopping center, hotel and train station. Other than these place, you can just stand by the road, few minutes later you shall spot a becak passing by.

The room was spacious and cozy.

We took becak to visit the common tourism spot around the town. It was a painful experience that we allows the becak waiting for us at every place we visited. At the end of the day, it cost us the damage of IDR 300,000. Some becak driver can be very dishonest that promised you no extra charges for waiting but charge you at the end of the trip. Our advise, just get another becak if you want to travel from one place to another. 

Tjong A Fie's Mansion (IDR 35,000/pax) since year 1900, a two storey mansion built by Tjong A Fei who is a Hakka merchant who came to own much of the Medan's land , who then became Majoor der Chineezen. This mansion was a good presentation of the Peranakan architecture and their living style.

Visiting hours: 9am-5pm (Daily)

Pelestarian Istana Maimoon or Maimun Palace (IDR 5,000/pax) is an royal palace for the Sultanate of Deli, there are 30 rooms in the palace. However, nothing much to be seen in the building except this crown seat. The souvenir shops dominated most of the space in the palace hall and there are costume where couples dress up like king and queen for photography purpose. We were disappointed that such great place has been turned into money making place.

Nasi Padang, another specialty in Indonesia where you will find lots of dish plates stacked up. It's Indonesian style of economy rice. Geruda is the high end style of Nasi Padang and they have 6 outlets in Medan. We visited the outlet at Jalan H.Adam Malik. We took our seat and were served with variety dished. We opted for Renndang Daging, Dendeng, sambal squid and vegetable. Total damage IDR 171,985 including 10% value added tax PPN .

Jalan Selat panjang is where you can find lots of Chinese food and they only operating at night. Mie Tiong Sim (since 1940) served awesome noodle, cost IDR 30,000. It was pretty similar to Sarawak's kolo mee, with dumpling and char siew added. 

Across the street, serve this Hokkien Mee. It was very different I would say but it didn't impress me much.

Wonder what is right name for this, but it was toothsome. With sweet brown sugar wrapped at the center, best eat when it is hot.

Martabak from Murni, we picked chocolate and peanut. They were so crispy that we find 2 pieces just not enough. 

Sun Plaza was just few block away, thus we walk over for spend some leisure time there.

After a relaxing stay at Lake Toba, we checked in Tiara Medan Hotel & Convention Center (USD 39.60/night) I find their room much comfortable than Danau Toba and serve better breakfast as well.

We took cab headed to Merdeka Walk in rainy night.

Stopped by Orange Cafe & Restaurant, opted for their Mee Goreng Indonesia (IDR 30,000) and it's worth trying. 

Kopi Jahe (IDR 19,500) is a mixture of coffee and ginger. It's interesting and definitely warm us up in this cold rainy night.

Just wanted to try out their Mee Aceh (IDR 34,000), it turn out quite disappointing.

Flavorsome Mee Bakso (IDR 25,000), love the precious chewy meatball.

Juice Sirsak (IDR 18,000) 

Salute the becak conquer the flooding road to send us home.

Strongly recommend Pop Mie (local product), I adore their onion chicken and dry version of cup instant noodle. Definitely the souvenir you should get from Indonesia.

Before we go home, we enjoyed an incredible Zen kind of Oriental Essence massage for IDK 150, 000. After the session we were served with warm ginger tea. 
Zen webpage refer here.

Afterwards, we headed to Carefour and take blue cab to railway station, called Airport Railink Services (ARS). From there, the train will send you straight to Kuala Namu airport. The train was clean, comfortable and their services was good. 

We didn't go home empty handed. We have imported lots of cheap junk food especially Lays chips!

Hope you enjoy our sharing of our Medan trip, lake toba trip may refer here.

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