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Vouk Hotel Western-Asian Set Menu at RM 30 nett

Vouk Hotel Suites Penang has launched a very attractive set menu for both lunch (12pm-3pm) and dinner (6.30pm-10pm) at just RM 30 nett per set in their C'est Si Bon restaurant. This good deal features 7 different Western Asian fusion set, offering a main course, a soup, a dessert and a drink. As the price of goods soared up lately, this good promotion that allows you to dine in comfortable and air-conditioned environment with affordable price is a plus point. Promotion runs till 31 October 2023.

Crispy Chicken Burger

Thanks to Vouk Hotel Suites for extending the invitation
Currently the 7 sets being offered are:

a) Crispy Chicken Burger: served with golden potato wedges, a fresh garden salad, a comofting soup, a delightful dessert of the day and your choice of one refreshing drink.

b) Sizzling Spaghetti Creamy Carbonara with Grilled Seabass: a delightful combination of creamy pasta and perfectly grilled seabass, accompany by a soup, dessert of the day and one drink.

c) Roast Quarter Chicken: Succulent roasted chicken with crispy potato wedges, a garden-fresh salad, a heart-warming soup, a tempting dessert and a refreshing beverage.

d) Chicken Balado with Steamed White Rice: Chicken Balado, steamed white rice, a soothing soup, dessert of the day and one drink

e) Vouk Curry Mee: a bowl of curry mee, a soup, dessert of the day and one drink

f) Sizzling Fish Milani: Sizzling Fish Milani, paierd with a comforting soup, dessert of the day and one drink

g) Kurma Daging Perlis: Kurma Daging Perlis served with crisp crackers, ulam-ulam, topical fruit and one refreshing drink

Vouk Curry Mee

Sizzling Spaghetti Creamy Carbonara with Grilled Seabass

Kurma Daging Perlis:

Sizzling Fish Milani:

Chicken Balado with Steamed White Rice

Roast Quarter Chicken


Out of the 7 different set, our favourite goes for the Vouk Curry Noodles. This bowl of local delicacy is served piping hot with rich, creamy and spicy soup that fit our taste buds nicely, but perhaps not for the fainted though. Although at times it may feel a tad salty but it is still acceptable. 

Vouk Hotel Suites

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