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Need A Reason To Eat Chocolate? Here Are 7

Too much of something sweet can be bad for you - and chocolate is the perfect example of that. Although there are many sugar-free and low-fat chocolates on the market - there is nothing quite like a little square of milk chocolate. 

Need some convincing? Here are ten reasons that you should be having a little bit of chocolate here and there. 


Sugar is often blamed for breakouts on the face and causing spots - but chocolate can be good for your complexion. People who enjoyed about 20g of dark chocolate every day had a little bit more UV protection than those who didn’t. 


For millions of people, taking a moment out of the day to enjoy some chocolate and a warm drink is a massive treat. And there are some aspects of joy that come from the moment itself. However, studies have found that there are a lot of compounds in chocolate that actually do give us a feeling of happiness. 

The compound tryptophan in chocolate helps our brain to make serotonin - which is that neurotransmitter that makes us feel great. So if you ever needed a reason to make a quick chocolate pudding recipe anyone can make - this is your sign!

Blood Vessels 

If the smell and sight of a hot chocolate or a bar of chocolate gets your heart racing - you’ll be happy to know that chocolate can help your arteries. A little bit of dark chocolate in some studies showed that some blood vessels were healthier and more flexible. 


If you eat too much of the sugar-packed chocolates, then you will put on weight - that is just how it works! However, some studies have shown that people who eat smaller amounts of dark chocolate are (on average) slimmer than those who don’t eat chocolate at all. 


Dark chocolate might have a very positive impact on the brain. Some studies show that eating high-flavanol cocoa can improve blood flow, and that can help with verbal learning, memory, and attention - especially in younger adults. While for older adults, dark chocolate might help with cognitive impairments. 

But like everything with the brain, more research is needed to track results over longer time spans! 

Blood pressure 

We are likely to get spikes in our blood pressure when we are going through tough times (stress can raise blood pressure). Dark chocolate has a compound called nitric oxide - and it is that compound that increases blood pressure by reducing the resistance to blood flow. 

In some cases, like those who have high blood pressure, there has been no measured effect, so while it is a nice idea - it might not work for everyone! 


The higher the cocoa level and the lower the sugar, the more nutritionally good chocolate is. Between 70 and 85% of cocoa chocolate has the following nutrition items: manganese, copper, iron, fiber, and magnesium. Not only that, but you will also find selenium, zinc, potassium, and more (depending on the type of chocolate and if there are any fruits or nuts added. 

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