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Rao's Banana Leaf Authentic Indian Food @ Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Rao's Banana Leaf is one of the place that you can enjoy authentic Indian Malaysian near the touristy Pantai Cenang in Pulau Langkawi.

The restaurant is located in the village area, slightly off the Pantai Cenang main road. There is no apparent signboard at the facade of the restaurant so it may easily to miss it. 

Rao's Banana Leaf @ Langkawi

Rao's Banana Leaf is sharing the same place with a homestay named Sehijau@Cenang. The road leading to the restaurant is narrow and can only fit a car, and you may pass by paddy field and seeing chickens running around. Don't worry as you are in the correct place.

Ordering here is simple. A set of Banana Leaf (RM 12) comes with white rice and different kind of vegetables. Then fish curry, chicken curry and dhal are placed in stainless steel cointainer and pass to your table at your disposal.

Rao's Banana Leaf @ Langkawi

A variety of side dishes are available to order, ranging from fried chicken, curry fish and local mutton paratel. 

In our opinion, the banana leaf and its curry are great. The local mutton paratel (RM 15/regular portion) tasted good and mutton is soft, while fried chicken (RM 7) is alright. Curry is mild spicy and dhal is nutty & aromatic. The service here may be slow and this appeared to be a general sentiment experienced by some of the patrons visiting here. Despite the low crowds, we have to wait for 20 minutes or more before the food delivered to our table.

Rao's Banana Leaf @ Langkawi
Mango Lassi (RM 10) and Brew Coffee (RM 3.50) 

Price wise, food in Rao's Banana Leaf is the average of Langkawi food price as it is a touristy area. The restaurant is mainly cater for tourists anyway. 

Rao's Banana Leaf @ Langkawi

Rao's Banana Leaf @ Langkawi

Another sentiment we experienced and then only came to our realization when we are back is the favouritism toward foreigners over local customers displayed by the crews here. A foreign couple came after us received a warmer reception, extra attention and bonus given by the restaurant crews. 

Nevertheless, Rao's Banana Leaf still offers a great and authentic banana leaf that probably you could not get elsewhere in Langkawi. If you come early, you could get Thosai too. 

Rao's Banana Leaf
Operation hours:8am - 3.30pm (closed on Tuesday, opens on 6-9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

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