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Yoodo - Customisable & Affordable Telco Plan

My current telco plan comes with unlimited calls, SMS and big data package (80GB) that I barely utilise even 20% of them. However I never needed that much data in reality. Most of the time were spent at work where time is scarce to spent on mobile phones and internet connectivity at home is supplemented by WiFi.

Then I explore other viable Telco plans to see if any fits my needs. This is the time I come across Yoodo. It is interesting, as I am able to customize my plan to fit my needs.
Put it this way, here are my expectations of my telco plan:
  • Unlimited calls, but more than 500 minutes should be suffice.
  • Around 20GB data
  • 20 Sms, for any exceptional cases.

Nevertheless, most of the conventional telco plans are either highly priced with extravaganza package that I do not need. However I could get a pretty good deal with Yoodo by customizing the plan based on my needs.

Customisable Plan with Affordable Pricing

Yoodo - Customisable & Affordable Telco Plan

Check out the above picture, where I choose 20gb of high speed internet, 4000 minutes of voice calls (equivalent to 66.7 hours) and 50 Sms per month. It only come to RM 35 per month! I believe no other telco plan could offer such an attractive package. 

If I choose to upgrade to 30gb or 40gb, the plan will come to RM 50 or RM 55 respectively.

Then I was thinking, what if I use my phone to scroll Instagram a lot or forgot to turn on WiFi when streaming Netflix. Would 20gb internet a tad too less?

Yoodo - Customisable & Affordable Telco Plan

There is where the add-ons come to resccue. The customisable plan allows me to add on 20gb for Netflix for RM 7 per month, or 20gb for Instagram for RM 3 per month. There are other packages offered for Zoom, Whasapp, YouTube, Facebook and more.

If you are a gamer, you could get 20GB free for PUBG Mobile even!

The flexible plan allows me to customize the plan based on my needs. For instance, I spent most of data on Instagram and sometimes YouTube, so choosing these 2 add-ons will cost me another RM10 only but I am getting additional 20gb each for these 2 apps.

As a matter of fact, you could do up to 2 millions different combination package based on your needs. Most importantly, Yoodo does not have a binding contract. I could cancel the plan if the job requirements need me to have other telco packages. 

Yoodo Network Coverage

Then it comes with the biggest concern - coverage.

A little research over the Internet showed that Yoodo is powered by Celcom. Hence coverage is a no issue. Celcom stability and coverage are one of the best in Malaysia.

Yoodo Simcard

Another question arises also. I never come across any phyisical Yoodo kiosk, so how am I going to get a Yoodo simcard?

The answer to the question is easy. Just download Yoodo apps, customize your preferred plan and register an account. After that, select your choice of delivery and standard delivery is free! If you want to have a same day express delivery, RM 5 is applicable. Wow, I would say that is very efficient and cost savvy.

Other pickup points such as Celcom Bluecube, Easy Parcel store, BHP Petromart and Petronas Mesra can be set also.

Yoodo Users Program

On top of that, Yoodo is very engaging and active in creating programs. There are giveaway, special screenings, contents and giveaways that will be conducted from time to time. 

Yoodo - Customisable & Affordable Telco Plan

For instance, there had been K-pop recap series - HAllyoodo, Monsta X and (G)I-dle concerts giveaway, special screening on BTS documentary ad K-Pop Kountdown 2021 contest.

Yoodo - Customisable & Affordable Telco Plan

If you have any friends that want to join Yoodo, or even you plan to save some monies off your telco plan. You may invite your friends to join Yoodo using your very own special code. Any successful referee will get you RM20 in free Yoodo credit, and you friend will get 7gb worth of data!

So, are you really to do Yoodo? 

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