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Miyabi Japaese Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Miyabi is a contemporary Japanese Restaurant in Sheraton Hotel Petaling Jaya. Unlike common Japanese restaurants in Malaysia which has a bible thick menu that offers all sort of Japanese dishes, the menu in Miyabi is pretty much focused on a some a la carte items and omakase appears to be one of the popular diners' choice. One solid good reason to visit Miyabi is the fame surrounded the chef leading the kitchen - Chef Tetsuya Yanigada, who appears to be an award winning chef and was instrumental in leading the setup of Zipangu in Shangrila Kuala Lumpur. 

Since we were staying in Sheraton Petaling Jaya and felt like drained out to go elsewhere for lunch. We decided to dine in Miyabi. Furthermore, in-house guests were offered a 20% discount voucher.

Misaki Minced Tuna Sashimi Sesame Oil

The restaurant was quiet during our visit on a weekday lunch and two tables were occupied only. This was a fortunate case for us, as my multiple attempts to make a reservation in Miyabi went futile with no one pick up the phone. Service was quick and fast and we like the concept of able to see the chefs' action in the main kitchen.

We were tempted to try some sashimi so we ordered Misaki Minced Tuna Sashimi Sesame Oil (RM 51.88). It is an intriguing dish that delicately plays with our tongue with the complexity of flavour of texture. The tuna sashimi is minced into small pieces and we can feel the fresh and firm tuna texture, which contrasted nicely by the crunchy onions/shallos and popping fish roes. A slight hotness introduced by the mixture of sesame oil and chili oil gives an overall nice flavour to the minced tuna, followed by a hint of pleasant aroma. 

The Misake Minced Tuna Sashimi Sesame Oil was a very tempting and dish that we would love to have more of it. 

Miyabi Japaese Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Next we had Karasugarei no Teriyaki (RM 47.17), which is a grilled halibut topped with sweet teriyaki sauce. The fish flesh is firm, fresh and cooked to perfection, which is not too dried and hard. This halibut is a simple dish to enjoy.

Miyabi Japaese Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya

We thought the star of the lunch belongs to Miyabi Wagyu Nikomi Don (RM 70.75) but it appears to be normal. The wagyu meat might be creamy but nothing extraordinary beyond that. Felt like it was a bowl of Japanse rice topped with some soy sauce simmered beef, albeit a better quality beef. We would prefer to enjoy wagyu in its more original way.

Miyabi Japaese Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya

The Green Tea Ice Cream (RM 16.98) was average. Green tea scent was mild and carry a hint of sweetness which is how it supposed to be, but the presence of too much ice crystals somehow affected its overall experience. 

Miyabi Japaese Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Miyabi Japaese Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Overall, it was a nice dining experience in Miyabi. The dishes did represent fine quality and freshness of Japanese food. Omakase dining here may allow the chefs to showcase its culinary skill better, and also let you appreciate the Japanese food quality even further. 

Miyabi @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 - 7622 8888

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