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LCD Monitor - A Quintessential Technology In House

As a blogger who is actively involved in photo and video editing, and at the same time as parents who need a little gaming time when the kid falls asleep, we have decided to invest in a good monitor. The monitor is not limited to providing an improved, larger and better view of the photos we are editing, but it also makes the most of what our CPU and graphic processing unit can achieve in games. Lately, we even discovered a new trick to make engagements the kid with a portable touchscreen LCD monitor.

There are dozens of brands of LCD monitors, and one of my trusted brands is ViewSonic monitor Malaysia. ViewSonic has a history of more than 30 years of developing award-winning products and has been the leading global provider of visual solution products. They have invented a range of inspring LCD monitors, including curved, ultrawide, 4K-UHD, USB-C and touchscreen.

There are a range of LCD monitor offered by Viewsonic that matches our needs of photo and video editing. For instance, Viewsonic 32” 144Hz QHD Curved Gaming Monitor best fits to our needs. Here are some of the featues that we really enjoy and how it can be helpful in our daily works.

  • Flicker-Free technology and a Ble Light filter help reduce eyes strain and fatigue from prorlonged screen time - The nature of our works involve screening through dozens and hundreds of pictures so this definitely help.
  • 1500R screen curvature which provides ascended immersive viewing experience that provides ultimate comfort to naked eyes.
  • 1080p QHD display allows sharper image with no distortion of stretching - Allows more accuracy in photo editing.
  • 144Hz refresh rate which delivery great visual fluidity and flawless graphics - This is particulaly important when we are fine tuning the details during video editing process. 
  • 1ms (MPRT) response time delivers better performance with smooth pixel transitions from color to colour - This allows more accuracy in video editing. 
  • Come with dual integrated speakers - There is no need to spend additional money on speakers and moreover additional speakers consuming spaces!

Needless to say, the Viewsonic monitor fits well to the gaming experience for our entertainment.

Another product by Viewsonic that we greatly appreciate is portable monitor, notable VG1655 16” Portable Monitor. It is the best device to extend the screen from phone or tablets for mobile works by just using an one-cable connector. 

A portable monitor become ultimately an useful LCD monitor for us because we have a young kid at home. Like it or not, the young kid will yearn for screen time occasionally and we did not want to keep her eyesight focus at the small screen of the mobile phone. Therefore, connecting to a portable screen is one of the better way. However we still try to limit her screen time. 

On top of that, Viewsonic portable monitor offers flexible and adjustable setup which offers up to 60° tilting for optimum viewing angle. Coipled with anti-slip cover, metal case and alumnium stand. its realiability and stability are one of the best for household usage. Sometimes it is ideal to bring the monitor for presentation due to its lightweight.

Overall, Viewsonic LCD Monitor is a quintessential technology that you should not miss having in house. It improves your overall lifestyle and better indulgence in your daily works and entertainment. 

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