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Five Ideas for Home Investment to Improve Overall Livability

We spent most of our quality time at home, from resting, working, playing with kids and more. The time spent at home has increased dramatically over the past few years, and probably this trend will be continued in this way. Hence, why not spend some time to relook into certain aspects to improve the overall home livability? While we may focus on the big thing at home, such as design or furniture, it is often the smaller details that makes the bigger differences and improve the quality of home livability the most.

Here are a few ideas that you may wish to consider to invest to improve your home livability:

Plant Some Greens at Home

While investing in advance technology may sounds like an awesome idea to improve your livability and happiness, there is another easy way you could invest in your home space. By just adding some greens at home, you can add some positive vibes to your home including increased mood, better air quality and many other health benefits. 

On top of that, investing your time into planting some greens also provide a distraction from the stressful house chores, and also offer an opportunity to provide some bonding hours with your kids. We have personally find fun in planting some succulents and herbs with our little girl, where she does nothing other than moving the soils! Yet, she was having extreme fun and provide a great alternative to her usual playing schedule.

The little garden at our home

It may seems like a huge task, and you can always start small by doing some easy plants such as air plants, or look for the local botanists to recommend some easier to manage succulents of herbs. 

Making Changes to Your Office Desk at Home

Work from home trend has continued in 2021 and it is likely to be heading that direction in the coming years. While relevating a room to an office sounds tempting and may have become a necessity, you can always start small by investing into a good working desk. And none is better than Evis, pioneer & number 1 adjustable table & smart standing desk in Malaysia.

What makes Evis unique is that the ergonomic table is height adjustable eletronically from 660 - 1130mm with 4 programmable buttons to save your preset heights. You can adjust the height of the table to your different needs, such as sitting position when using a computer, or standing position when you need to do things in standing position. On top of that, the table is equipped with wheels and enhanced anti-collision technolgoy preventing your desk from continue moving if it hits an obstacle.

Evis also offer the features of a smart table by reducing the hassles of dangling cables with their rapid built-in wireless mobile charger. You may order Evis table based on the 3 different sizes it offer. What some nice features to have! 

It is not just fancy to own a smart desk like Evis, but at the same time it also provides health benefits such as reducing back pain. 

Service The Air Conditioners

The condition of our aircond at home. Refrigerant gas totally 0

Staying at home has become a new norm for the past few months, to the extent for most of the time in 2021. Coupled with the early drought and humid seasons, the usage of home air conditioners for this year would have been extensive. The likelidhood of your missing the required service and maintenance of the air conditioners at your home is high, considering most of us would want to avoid strangers coming to our home earlier of this year. 

Having said that, the air conditioners at your home might not be at its optimum condition, let it be grime accumulating at the fins and panels, or the refrigerant gas may have been running low. Regardless of any subpar performances you have noticed on your air conditioner, do not attempt repairing or cleaning it yourself if you do not have the necessary knowledge. You can always arrange for a team of service technician to help you sort your problems, let it be general or overhaul cleaning of the air conditioners. If you are residing in Klang Valley, do check out Dr Air, a top aircond services provider in Kuala Lumpur. Dr Air provide a transparent pricing based on the service you require and can let the professionals like them to handle the air conditioners for you.

Reduce the Noise Pollution

Let's ask yourself a few questions. How many times you have been awaken by the the highway noise in the wee hours in the morning, or the neighbour dog is barking at the trash bins in the midnight has disrupted your sweet dreams? 

Chances are you have experienced it, and you often neglected these noise pollution. However let's get this right, these unwanted noise is not just nuisaance but also affects our quality of life. Imagine if your baby has trouble sleeping at night due to neighbour dog, or she awakes in afternoon nap because the other children was shouting and having fun in the street. We experienced these noise pollution actually, and have been seeking ways to reduce it.

Well, it may be hard to get rid off the source of noise pollution, as the highway will be there to stay, and the neighbour dog is always tha alert. Hence, do consider to look at the site and check out for the ways to provide a better sealing. Do consider fully sealed windows, or check out for any potential place that provides for sounds transmission. Consult the architects for a better idea on it.

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