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Introducing The Barn Wine Bar New Menu - Meant to Meat

As restrictions have been eased out, are you looking for a dining venue that offers something you cannot cook at home, somewhere cozy & chic? Well, that ought to be case for most of us, therefore check out The Barn Wine Bar. Recently, the restaurant has introduced a limited time menu named Meant to Meat, which correlates that you should be meeting your friends here for a meal while enjoying some good meats! 

Thanks to The Barn Wine Bar for hosting
The Barn Wine Bar New Menu Meant to Meet
The limited time Meant to Menu menu, as suggested by its name is focused on a variety of interesting meat combination. For instance, premium Iberico meat is blended with squid to create an unique yet pleasant meat texture, or mixture of mayonnaise and kiwi as a sauce. We would say it is something out of the world but it magically tasted nice. 

And there is nothing better than pairing the meat menu with designated wines. Ask the sommelier on duty at The Barn and they are more willing to provide a recommendation. 

The Barn Wine Bar New Menu Meant to Meet

If you are keen to explore a variety of meat in a single order, the Premium Tasting Platter (RM 128) is definitely a top recommendation. The platter features Foie Gras, Iberico Squid Katsu and Black Pepper Tenderloin, and can feed up to 2-3 pax. 

You feel odd seeing an item named Iberico Squid Katsu right? It sounds peculiar but it is definitely a wonderful creation. Traditionally, Iberico Katsu may give you the crisp sensation, and the addition of squid into the mixture provide chewy sensation. Let the dish plays with your mouthfeel while you indulging it. 

Then no further introduction is needed for Foie Gras. Just immerse in the buttery texture of the dish. Then another item on the platter - Black Pepper Tenderloin is expertly grilled to perfection with tender texture. Dip into the sauce to further enhance the taste. 

Alternatively, you could order the item separately if you feel like just having 1 or 2 of them. 

The Barn Wine Bar New Menu Meant to Meet

Steak lovers can go for their Porterhouse (RM 38/100g). It uses 90 days grain fed Angus Beef, and normally served in either 500g or 1kg portion. Best shared among 2 or more person as the size is gigantic. It is recommended to go for wine to pair the Porterhouse for maximum satisfaction. 

Personally we would go for medium rare for a more juicy protein. How about you?

The Barn Wine Bar New Menu Meant to Meet
Salmon Fillet Burger

The Barn Wine Bar New Menu Meant to Meet

The Barn Wine Bar New Menu Meant to Meet
Plummy Chicken Burger

Apart from the above dish, the new menu did pull a great surprise on the newly introduced burger. One of them is Plummy Chicken Burger (RM 33), which creatively has housemade chicken patty mixed with raisins. The resultant concotion is delicious, with a trait of sweetness following the tender and crispy chicken patty. Enjoy the burger with the unique kiwi and mayo sauce and you will be impressed, just like us. 

The wow factor probably arised from traditional chicken patty has been too mainstream and the chef did creatively tweak the taste by infusing raisins to yield a refreshing feeling.

For salmon lovers, you could go for Salmon Fillet Burger (RM 39), a rather non traditional choice of patty for burger. The chefs did nicely cook the salmon to have a nice pink in the center. It could hardly go wrong for salmon when the chef did use fresh salmon and cook it perfectly.

Another new burger item on the menu is Iberico Squid Burger (RM 39).

The Barn Wine Bar New Menu Meant to Meet

All in all, The Barn did make a breakthrough in the new Meant to Meat Menu. Every item is worth trying and it is time for you to organise the next meet up here, and be carnivirous for once!

The BAR°N, Gurney Plaza
04-229 0763
Operation hours: 11:00am - 1:00am (Daily)

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