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An Afterthought after Dining in Haidilao Gurney Paragon

Haidilao name is no stranger to steamboat or hot pot lovers. The franchised steamboat restaurant is famous for their extraordinary and attentive servive. Any commoners who walked into Haidilao restaurant will become someone significant instantly, as the service one receives upon entrance are such ostentiously. Right from the entrance, you will get the crew to guide you to your table, then helping you to order, serving you any sauces you like, frequent checking to you to sending you off after meals. So here is our verdict after trying Haidilao restaurant in Gurney Paragon, after they have been established for about 2 years (to skip the queue).

An Afterthought after Dining in Haidilao Gurney Paragon

Indeed, the services we received from the crew are attentive, to a certain we feel ostentious. There were no instances we needed to leave our chair to get anything. The crews were in time when we need to top up the soups as there are dedicated crew being assigned to your table to attend your needs; then they help us to mix the sauce, mixing the minced meat and put into hot pot. Everything seems to be impeccable here.

Since we come here for the hot pot rather than its service, we would say the food is decent though choices were not that much. The tomato soup is nice but the hot mala soup is mediocre. The ingredients being used were fresh, and the crew will recommend you the best way to enjoy each and every ingredients should you have any queries. Price is on a higher side though as expected, and RM 8 charges per pax is applicable should you need to access the condiments counter and get the sauces. Nevertheless, we gave it a skip but still enjoyed the hot pot.

Probably we were too used to helping ourselves during any steamboat so we were not accustomized to the attentive services. While we appreciate the crews frequent checking on our table and attend to our needs, sometimes we found their actions were disrupting our casual conversation during dining. That was fine but the over-friendly crew at the entrance annoyed me somehow. As our friend was in the restaurant and get seated during our arrival, we were denied entry to the restaurantand was asked to make a phone call to our friend to get us at entrance, as if we were intruders. While we understand the crews' intention to minimize the interruption to other guests if we simply walked into the restaurant, being denied entries, got quizzed and asking one to pick us up at entrance was simply outrageous. Furtheremore, we were with a baby and it was such a hassle to hold all the bags at the entrance.

Well, overall it was an okay experience at Haidilao. Total damage was RM 310 for 5 pax, so averaging about RM 60 per pax for an average quantity of dishes. If you are someone who enjoy attentive services, Haidilao is certainly a place you should go for. 

海底捞 Haidilao Hot Pot @Gurney Paragon
Operation hours: 11am - 11pm daily

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