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Review On Latest Disinfectant Device Without Chemical and Alcohol - ELECLEAN

There is a lot of cleaning and disinfection happening everyday in our home and it has become an integral part in our daily life. Partly this is due to increase alarming of pandemic Covid-19, but the major reason is due to the ultimate baby explorer in our home. Everything in the house is new to her, and she explores it by touching and tasting it. Therefore, we are always seeking a disinfection method without alcohol, strong scent and chemical to safeguard the baby safety. Tough task, but finally we managed to find it, introducing Eleclean.

What is Eleclean

Eleclean is a portable device developed by a young group of scientists from Taiwan, which using the world first advance nano-catalysis electrochemical technology to convert water molecules into reactive oxygen species (ROS) in just 15 minutes. The device employs more than 34 patents, and can help to eliminate viruses and bacteria such as H1N1 influenza varius, E.Coli, Salmonellosis and etc using oxidation method. No chemical, alcohol and preservatives are being used, and its handy size allows it to be carried easily to anywhere.

Why We Choose Eleclean

1. Advance and patented technology

Eleclean advance technology convert water molecules into sanitizers, and this technology is patented and only can be found in Eleclean products.

2. Using water only

Apart from the device and its filter, only water is needed. It is simple, yet effective.

3. Free from chemical, alcohol and other preservatives

Most sanitizers in the market has alcohol to effectively remove the bacteria and viruses. However Eleclean only use water yet maintain its efficacy, and this means we can safely use this product to clean our baby's toys. It is also non irritation and non harmful on skin with SGS approved, so we can safely use it on baby's hands. 

4. Recognized by World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) listed ELECLEAN as an innovation technology in the global fight against COVID-19. Moreover, ELECLEAN sanitiser can also effective for 99.9% viruses and bacteria such as H1N1, E.Coli and etc.

5. Easy and handy to carry

The small size of Eleclean allows us to carry it to anywhere we are going. It can be conveniently put in car, in handbag or even in my pocket. It is lightweight at 100g, so basically we would not feel any additional burden by carrying it.

6. Environmental friendly

Eleclean is classified as household electrical appliances and can be used for many years. Hence, with ELECLEAN device, you can reduce the usage of bottles and say goodbye to many disposal sanitiser.

Check on Eleclean's efficacy using the strips available. Results showed effectivness in disinfecting within a few seconds

Check out the website www.eleclean.com.my for more information. If you are interested, remember to apply the code "CRISP15". 

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  1. Was looking for a review on Eleclean and read the article you wrote. Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed as well I read the whole article and there was NO review,no personal opinion or anything. Sorry would not recommend unless you put up a Review :(

    1. Hi there, as mentioned in the article, we did review how we used it.

      1) Easy and lightweight, so we carry it in our pocket when we go out.
      2) Uses pure water only so it is easy.
      3) Environmental friendly as did not need to use a lot of plastic bottles
      4) We used it to clean kids' toys

      For example, I carry it around when I was doing gardening and have used it to wipe baby toys as mentioned.

      Apart from that, we choose not to comment on the efficacy personally as it is beyond our expertise. Therefore we quoted on the articles from WHO for referencing.