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RM 168 Set Menu @ Maple Palace Restaurant, Penang

One of the most exquisite place to savour authentic Chinese food in Penang ought to be Maple Palace Restaurant. Located within the Maple Gold Recreation Centre along the bustling Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Maple Palace restaurant has garnered food coinoisieurs to sample its finest cuisine. Though Maple Palace Restaurant food come in hefty price tags, but it is well justified by the taste and the enjoyment you will have. In 2021, I had the privillege to try the RM 168 individual set, which is a truesome reward in taste.

The RM 168++ set menu comes with 6 items and is served in individual plate:
  • Crispy Soft Shell Crab Bun
  • Fish Bone Soup with Abalone, Scallop and Whelk Abalone
  • Braised Sea Cucumber and Bean Curd with Egg White and Quinoa
  • Home-made Cuttlefish and Prawn with Mustard Green
  • Hand Pulled Noodles with Truffle and Fresh Water Prawns
  • Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo
If you look in detail at these 6 items, you will realise it is much seafood based. Fresh and quality ingredients were used, and the taste was awesome.

RM 168 Set Menu @ Maple Palace Restaurant, Penang

The first dish - Crispy Soft Shell Crab Bun is a simple yet delicate dish. The soft shell crab is fried to perfection with crispy skin and fluffy filling without exhibiting any sign of oil. 

Next on the list is Fish Bone Soup with Abalone, Scallop and Whelk Abalone. The soup is brimming with rich flavour with all exquisite seafood treasure to symbolize its superiority. This is definitely not a choice if you are looking for a soup that offers light taste.

Braised Sea Cucumber and Bean Curd with Egg White and Quinoa may appear simple, but the bean curd is a representative of fine food. The bean curd is compact and exhibit pleasant beans aroma, and the base paste which made of egg white and quinoa created such a sleek and gentle smooth layer. The braised sea cucumber somehow appear did not click with the entire dish, so I just enjoy it on its own.

Home-made Cuttlefish with Prawn with Mustard Green came with 2 giant cuttlefish balls and a prawn balls. I enjoyed these home-made balls much. It was unique, bouncy and nice in flavour. However the accompany soup was a tad salty to enjoy.

While I thought the exquisitness have been represented in all the earlier dishes, then it came a simple yet luxury dish - Hand Pulled Noodles with Truffle with Fresh Water Prawns. A handful of al-dente hand pulled noodles were served in the plate, along with a giant fresh water prawn that is so catchy in any viewers' point. It may look simple, but the taste of the noodles are beyond words. 

After a fulfilling meal, then the set ended with a bowl of Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo. Even though all the dishes here appear to be in small quantity but it is more than enough to cater for my hunger! Furthermore, satisfaction level is beyonds words after a meal at Maple Palace Restaurant.

Maple Palace Restaurant
Operation hour: 12pm - 2.30pm; 6pm - 10pm Daily
Telephone: +6042279690
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