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An Viet Vietnamese Lotus Seed Yee Sang

Tossing Yee Sang is not anything new for Chinese; but have you tried Vietnamese style Yee Sang

Now you can make your Chinese New Year this year a different one by having a Vietnamese style Yee Sang, exclusively by An Viet. The Vietnamese version has slight difference compared to the conventional Yee Sang by introducing lotus seed imported from Vietnam, which has an auspicious meaning - continous stream of good luck when pronounced in Chinese. 

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An Viet Vietnamese Lotus Seed Yee Sang

An Viet Vietnamese Lotus Seed Yee Sang

An Viet Vietnamese Lotus Seed Yee Sang

An Viet Yee Sang consists of traditional components such as fresh flown salmon, peanuts, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers slices, guava, pomelo and others, on top of the crunchy and unique lotus seed. It is delivered in a nice gold packaging, making it a suitable gift! 

What we liked about An Viet Lotus Seed Yee Sang is the lightness in taste, and we never feel surfeiting when having a bit more than usual. Even children at home would enjoy having this yee sang too.

You may book online or takeaway An Viet Lotus Seed Yee Sang via their website; or even send a box of it to your friends to surprise them! You may buy the crunchy Lotus Seed Yee Sang separately too. 

Ăn Viet
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+604-293 3481

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