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5 Tips For Planning A Vacation in Singapore

The tiny island in South-East Asia, Singapore is 728.0 kmonly in size, but it has aplenty to offer as a vacation destination. It is one of the safest country in the world, to the extent of worry-free when walking alone in the street during midnight, and the island nation also is one of the cleanest country in the world despite being one of the filthiest in the early 1960s. 

Singapore is an advance country with a diverse points of interest for every travellers. While you can expect shopping and indulging in local cuisine here (Chili Crab and Chicken Rice topped the list of CNN's 50 best food of the world), the city also has natural attractions and cultural heritage to visit. 

Well, are you tempted to visit Singapore now? In the list, we are sharing 6 tips for planning a vacation in Singapore.

5 Tips For Planning A Vacation in Singapore

1. Utilize Public Transportation

Singapore's public transportation network has an impressive coverage. The country MRT is connected to different corner of the island - North, East, West and Central, then you can further reach your destination using public buses. The buses are well versed in English so they may help to provide necessary assitance if needed. 

An universal EZlink card is needed to commute on public transport and can be purchased in various points such as TransitLink ticket office or convenience stores such as 7-Eleven. Though we will recommend Singapore Tourist Pass if you are here for shorter days. The tourist pass provide unlimited usage of public transport for a fixed fare during purchase. $10 refundable deposit is required during purchase of the card
  • 1 Day Pass   - $20
  • 2 Days Pass - $26
  • 3 Days Pass - $30
You may get your Singapore Tourist Pass from various TransitLink Office in Changi Airport, Woodlands, Tanjung Pagar and many more. Check out their website for more details.

2. Plan Your Accommodation

5 Tips For Planning A Vacation in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands, one of the premium and exquisite hotel in Singapore

Travelling in Singapore can get expensive, particularly in accommodation. Some budget hostels may offer rate at $10-$20 per day, while premium hotels may fetch prices ranging from $300 or even more. 

However, you can use Traveloka to get some pretty good hotel deals in Singapore. Traveloka Singapore  Rediscover Vouchers offers a comprehensive platform for you to search hotels in Singapore. It allows you to sort the hotel list based on price list so you can search the one fit your budget the most, while at the meantime check out honest reviews from previous guests and the hotels' popularity too.

Plan your next staycation Singapore and discover more deals there and save up more money.

3. Explore the Hawker Food

5 Tips For Planning A Vacation in Singapore
Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

You might be tempted to visit various Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore, such as the renowned Cut By Wolfgang's Puck in Marina Bay Sands or Iggy's in Hilton Singapore, but the island nation has several hawkers food listed in the Michelin award too!

One of them is Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles, or even Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice in Maxwell Food Court that managed to edge celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey in a cooking competition. Have fun, and explore the other hawker food such as oyster omelette, satay, bak kut teh and otehrs while you are in Singapore.

4. Drink the Tap Water

Unlike other South East Asian countries, Singapore's tap water is perfectly safe to drink! The water meets the water quality guidelines of World Health Organisation and is suitable for drinking without any filtration or treatment. 

Considering the humid weather in Singapore, drink more water while exploring the island to keep yourself hydrated. There is no need to carry the big 1.5L water around. Just go to and public toilet and drink directly from the tap!

5. Be Prepared To Walk A Lot

5 Tips For Planning A Vacation in Singapore

Though Singapore appear to be a small country but this does not mean you can reach the destinations within a snap of fingers. Some of your destinations may be located 1km away or even more from the exit of MRT station, so invest in a pair of good shoes to walk a lot here. 

Expect a minimum 10,000 steps a day, even to a certain extent 30,000 steps! Even if you choose to loiter around in shopping malls for the whole day, walking from entrance to the food court probably requires 500 steps. Perhaps this justify why Singaporeans generally look fit and slim?

Having said that, pack your bacpack light or you going to have some form of back shores a few days later in Singapore! 

5 Tips For Planning A Vacation in Singapore
Jewel in Changi Airport Singapore

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