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5 Important Things You Have to Do When You Lose Your Job

I lost my job in early 2019, and I felt my life fall into darkness imediately. 

It was a Monday when I had my deserved off day after returning from a long weekend in Kuala Lumpur for work purposes. My boss called me in the afternoon and asked me to take a flight to Klang Valley office the next day, citing an urgent matter that needed to be resolved immediately. I knew it was a retrenchment notice upon confirming a few of colleagues also received the same request. 

Despite being on a promising path in the company by having promoted 3 times within 6.5 years, I was made redundant in my position. I was terminated from my position and become an unemployed person exactly a week after receiving the call. 

Then I welcome Chinese New Year 2019 as my first unemployed date; and I celebrated it during the eve by capturing Kek Lok Si's fireworks.

Regardless of what circumstances you are facing when you are laid off, here are 5 important things that you have to do based on what I have went through.

1. Apply for Funding from Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS)

If you are retrenched by your company (not due to disciplinary action or resigned) and has been contributing to EIS, you are eligible to apply for the funding.

Go to EIS Perkeso website and submit your application within 60 days from the date loss of employment. All you have to do is fill up the lengthy form, and wait for the officer from PERKSO office to call you up and schedule an appointment for documentation review.

The perks of getting EIS included a monthly allowance up to 6 months, assistance in finding a job , necessary skill training and career counselling. Even though the allowance received is just a fraction of my salary, it meant so much as I could use this money to service my loan commitment and foot my bill for food and living. 

However, bear in mind you need to show off your efforts in finding a job during this entire period, such as submitting proof you are looking for jobs actively. After all, the system need to protect from people abusing it right?

I actually secured a new job 3 months after losing my job, and the EIS even gave me a small sum of money as the effort for landing a job before the 6 months coverage period expires!

2. Handle Your Emotions

Just like you, I feel an avalanche of emotion after getting laid off from my job. You will feel anger - why you are the unfortunate one. You will feel sad - having lost the direction in life after losing the source of income. You will feel panic - unsure what to do next, knowing starting tomorrow your life will be different. You will feel happy - there is no need to wake up by alarm clock 7am in the morning and get messages from your boss at 10pm on a Sunday for preparing documents for monday morning meeting. 

Rather than spending your time mingling with these emotions, you should recognise and handle it, then move along with the new day. It is the new future you have to deal you, there is no point staying in the past and keep mumbling about it. You can help yourself by sharing your concern with your loved ones or family, getting motivation from peers, talk to the professional career consultants, or even meet up with your religious friends to seek their comfort. 

3. Tell Everyone You Just Lost a Job

Do not feel shy to tell everyone that you just lost your job. Chances are these people whom you share your circumstances might present you a new opportunity, a silver lining in your life. 

I get connected to one of my ex-colleague and shared with her that I just lost my job. She was surprised, and immediately she helped me to connect with her friend who happened to be a director in job recruitment firm. I sent her my resume and subsequently, opportunity are presented to me.

As a matter of fact, I landed my new job after my friend saw my status in Facebook and immediately messaged me about an opportunity. Through his help, I was called for interview, and landed the job within a few weeks.

Thus, do not keep the things to yourself. There is nothing wrong when you lose your job, and you will be surprised many are willing to help you out from the Pandora's box.

4. Spend Time For Your Hobby

5 Important Things You Have to Do When You Lose Your Job

If you have been using the phrase "no time" or "too busy" to spend time for your hobby previously, now is a good time for you to indulge in your interest. You may be rewarded for your hobby to a certain extent.

Put it this way, this life is ain't about working, eating and sleeping. All of us as a human being, should spend a considerable time in appreciating the finer details of our innerselves. And your hobby is one of the way. As you do not have to clock in office or running to meet your customers now, spend the timefor your hobby instead. 

I always have been enjoying photography and I spent my first minute after clocking out from my job officially to take the fireworks show during the Chinese New Year's Eve at Kek Lok Si Temple. Then, I also invested some time learning how to edit a video, and take casual photos occasionally. It paid off eventually, as I was rewarded with some freelance photography works that has finance return. The small amount of money I earn allowed me to pay my bills and relief some financial pressure I had been facing.

5. Work On A Tight Budget

5 Important Things You Have to Do When You Lose Your Job

Like it or not, you will have to trim your budget during the unemployment time, to the extent a few months after employment to stabalize your finance. Forgo the branded coffee, cafe hopping, extravaganze dining, unnecessary social meet up or travelling. You could survive without a cup of branded coffee or going to cafe. Instead, prepare your own meals and you will realise how much you can save. If situations warrants, consult your finance consultant to restrucutre your insurance plan even. Cut off your expensive mobile data plan as you are likely to spend most of the time at home, using your home WiFi. 

However, if you think getting you a good dinner or go on a binge eating in buffet on the first week after losing your job will make you feel better, or even go for a long holiday as a retreat, please go for it by all-means if your finance allows. Allow some flexibility, as long as you can manage it. Keep in mind that have your finance spread sheet that can sustain you up to 6 months, or even a year or more is the ideal situation.

Tips: When being asked by HR during job interview the reason you left your previous job, please do not cheat and just be honest. They can always counter check with your previous employee, and you risk ruining your opportunity if you lie. After all, you did nohting wrong when losing your previous job.

Hope you can find a silver lining in this difficult time soon!

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    1. Well, follow the 5 steps.. It was based on my personal experiences. At the same time also accumulated some savings that make life sustainable.