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Crepe Cakes @ Inherit Taste Patisserie 承品烘培, Georgetown, Penang

Inherit Taste Patisserie 承品烘培 is a specialized cafe located at Jalan Imigresen which serves desserts only, primarily famed for their homemade crepe cakes. The beautiful layered crepe cakes along with a modern and minimalist cafe design made Inherit Taste Patisserie became an attraction for many cafe hoppers to take some Instagrammable photos. We have heard some positive feedback on the crepe cakes served here, but did not feel the exciting mood after trying it.

Crepe Cakes @ Inherit Taste Patisserie 承品烘培

Crepe Cakes @ Inherit Taste Patisserie 承品烘培

The interior area of Inherit Taste Patisserie is divided into a few spaces with different ambiance, including a general cafe setting area, a rather dim and romantic room and another smaller corner. All crepe cakes are gloriously displayed at the counter, and we were informed Mango Crepe Cake (RM 15.90) is their signature, while at the same time they are promoting their Halloween inspired crepe cake. Without much hesitation, we ordered the former choice - Mango Crepe Cake along with a cup of Mocha. The cafe only have coffee options of  Mocha, Americano, Latte but not Cappuccino, much to our surprise. 

Indeed, the Mango Crepe Cake looks appetizing the moment it was served to our table. While we both agreed the layering was done perfectly and appreciated the less sweet version of the crepe cakes, the flavour did not bond well to our taste buds. We felt there is a kind of sugary syrup, flavour or perhaps cream that made us feel surfeiting upon consuming. The taste is especially prominent around the area where mangoes are present. 

Coincidently, another of our friend who went there the day after us also shared the same thought with us upon discovered we went there. 

Crepe Cakes @ Inherit Taste Patisserie 承品烘培

Mocha was alright, but we would preferred it to be served in a cup instead. Paper cups are meant for takeways in our opinion. 

Inherit Taste Patisserie 承品烘培
Operation hours: 12am - 10pm (closed on Wednesday)

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