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Châteraisé Penang @ Gurney Plaza

One of the most popular dessert outlet with more than 400+ outlets in Japan has finally landed in Gurney Plaza Penang! During its inception, Chateraise has drawn a large crowd to its not well noticed outlet next to Mark & Spencer. Many are after the impressive choices of desserts topped with friends, and fresh cream made in Hokkaido. Indeed, we are spoilt for choices once we saw the array of desserts showed in the counter. Despite its relatively higher price tags, the crowd still unable to resist the temptation of the desserts here, and that included us. 

Châteraisé Penang @ Gurney Plaza
Châteraisé Penang @ Gurney Plaza

Châteraisé Penang @ Gurney Plaza

We managed to avoid the crowd at Chateraise Gurney Plaza on a Monday morning during Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period in November, but at least there are 3-4 customers at this odd hours. I was impressed by the array of cakes here and felt into a conundrum what to choose, as everything seems so exquisite and tempting.

Finally, we had Matcha Crepe Cake and Blueberry Rare Cheesecake. We both enjoyed the lightness of the cake - not sweet, light texture yet flavourful. The Matcha Crepe Cake has a nice work around the texturing and layering, and the Blueberry Rare Cheesecake exhibit a pleasant acidic taste that neutralize its creaminess and sweetness. For once, I could enjoy 2 pieces of Chateraise cakes, or even more after having a satisfying main dishes. 

Châteraisé Penang @ Gurney Plaza

 It is notable they put a pack of materials to maintain the chill temperature of the dessert box to ensure tiptop condition of their dessert. Hardly see any takeaway dessert shops does that.

Well, I guess Chateraise would have topped our place for dessert for months to come in future.


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