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Newborn Checklist - Everything You Might Need Before Your Baby Arrives

Being a first timer parents was a daunting task, especially when it comes to what to buy to welcome the arrival of our baby. The more we dwell about the list of items to buy, the more anxious we became. However, the reality is that shopping for your baby is a pleasant and happy experience, and we are sharing our newborn shopping checklist to give you a rough idea what you need to buy.

Baby items at trolley


1. Baby Swaddle - depends on individual baby, our baby does not enjoy being swaddled after a month. Nevertheless, we often use it to cover sofa before putting our baby on it. 
2. Receiving Blanket - especially helpful when discharging from hospital or bring your baby to clinic
3. Bib 
4. Hats
5. Mittens & Botties
6. Romper, Shirts, Pants 

As a newbie parents, undeniably there are thoughts to get everything new for our children. However, we accepted the "hand-me-down" mindset. Reason being newborn grows in an accelerate mode and soon the newborn clothes cannot be worn after 3 months. It is therefore unwise to invest a significant amount of money into new clothes and only found out these clothes needed to be changed again. 

Toys for Babies

1. Rocker / Bouncer
2. Baby Rattles 
3. Teether 
4. Playmat - to be used when changing clothes/diapers for your baby
5. Musical mobile - Lullaby


1. Diapers - We used two types. One with better absorbality for night time. Can get S size instead of NB. 
2. Baby Wipes 
3. Diaper / Rash Cream - Let a paediatrician attend if the rashes get serious 
4. Baby Bath Tub
5. Lay Back Seat
6. Baby Oil / Lotion
7. Baby Towel
8. Baby Washcloth
9. Baby Bath Mat / Anti Slippery Mat
10. Baby Shampoo
11. Nail Care Set
12. Nasal Aspirator - must have!
13. Cotton Ball / Cotton Pad
14. Bandage Tape - To tape loose booties
15. Thermometer
16. Mosquitoes Repellent 


1. Breastpad
2. Breastpump - manual or auto, your choice.
3. Breast milk collector - this is superb! While you are pumping at one boob, put this to collect at another boob
4. Breastpad
5. Nipple Cream
6. Ice Bag
7. Breastmilk Bags / Bottles
8. Milk Bottle
9. Bottle Drying Rack
10. Bottle Brush
11. Bottle Cleanser
12. Sterilizer - we did not get one actually as we use the traditional hot water method
13. Food Warmer - we had one but eventually resorted to using hot water to heat the milk
14. Nursing Bra - I prepared 2 set but eventually we get more, as it more comfortable to be worn if you are latching your baby

Baby Gear

1. Car Seat
2. Baby Carrier
3. Stroller
4. Hip Seat Carrier
5. Travel Changing Mat - extremely useful!
6. Mummy's Bag 
7. Car Seat Mirror for Baby
8. Head & Body Support

Baby Bed's Room

1. Dimple Pillow & Sheets
2. Mattress / Mattress Protector
3. Baby CCTV Monitor
4. Bolsters
5. Baby Cot / Play Pen 
6. Baby Musical Mobile Crib - This is important! It keeps our baby entertained for some time and allow us to attend to other daily chores such as toilet break, cooking or handling our dog. 
7. Portable Baby Bed Crib - It can be used as a supporting when you want to play your baby on sofa and keep you hands-free. 

The choice of Baby Cot, Play Pen or even both is entirely up to you. Upon discussion with our friends, we opted to have playpen over baby cot as it is cheaper, easier to assemble and keep, ideal for a smaller house and serves as a function as a bed and baby playground. It ended up as a good decision, as our little girl did not enjoy sleeping on her own mattress during daytime. She only sleep in her playpen at night and spend the rest of the day sleeping / playing in our bed instead. 


1. Loose Pants / Sarung - you need this when going to clinic
2. Disposable Panties (about 20 pieces)
3. Maternity Pad
4. Flask

The list may look extensive but trust us, you will be able to manage it. Not necessarily all the items are needed as you may have a different thought, but this serves as a general guideline on what you might need to buy. 

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