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7-Course Japanese Omasake starts RM 218+ @ Kampachi, Hotel Equatorial Penang

To all Japanese cuisine lovers, you should check out the brand new face Kampachi at Hotel Equatorial Penang. The award winning Japanese restaurant has a team of Tokyo-trained chefs, preparing authentic and exquisite Japanese cuisine with fresh premium ingredients air-flown from Japan that set to entice your taste buds. It is noted Kampachi also one of the very Japanese restaurants in Malaysia which serves the exquisite Ayu Fish

On top of that, Kampachi Hotel Equatorial Penang also offers Sunday brunch for RM 128 nett/pax for their "Summer Sizzler Promotion"

Recently, we managed to try 7-course Omasake at Kampachi at Hotel Equatorial Penang, which means letting the chef decide the menu for you using the seasonal fresh items from Japan. It was totally a delighting experience to enjoy fresh Japanese Yellowtail Sashimi, Kyoho Grapes, Hokkaido Asparagus, and many more. The omasake course starts at RM 218+, depending on the availability of seasonal ingredients. 

Thanks to Hotel Equatorial Penang for hosting us.

Zensai - Horensou Ikura Ohiteshi, Ika Shiokara, Shake Carpaccio

To surprise the diners in Kampachi Equatorial Hotel, the head chef of Kampachi Kuala Lumpur, Alex Lee will make frequent guest appearance here. The unique collaboration between Chef Alex Lee with the local team is set to elevate the signature dishes here to another greater dimension. 

We started the omakase with Zensai, a light appetizer to stimulate the taste buds. 

The appetizer is made up of 3 different small bites and the taste is foreign to our taste buds. The taller glass, featuring Ika Shiokara which has various marine animals in small pieces has a strong and pungent taste. Meanwhile, the smaller glass has Japanese style salad within, balancing the ratio between fibers and protein in the whole dish. Another component in Zensai is Shake Carpaccio, which features smoked salmon along with signature sauce. 

Kinoko Suimono

Next on the line is a simple, elegant yet delicate dish - Kinoko Suimono, or better translated to Japanese mushroom clear soup. The soup is brimming with mushroom essence, so light yet so soothing to the palate. Its temperature is also nicely calibrated that it is best drink once served to warm up the stomach. Kinoko Suimono is a popular summer dish in Japan.

How we wish we could prepare such a simple yet delicious soup in our kitchen.

Sashimi - Maguro, Hamachi, Ameabi

No Japanese cuisine will be completed without sashimi. Therefore, the third course of the omasake features 3 different types of sashimi - Maguro (Tuna), Hamachi (Yellow Tail) and Ameabi (Sweet Shrimp) air-flown from Japan. The cuts are fresh, soft and without any slimy texture. Ameabi is significantly different from the conventional shrimps we had - it is sweet with a delicate texture that certainly enjoyable.

The Wasabi, when eat in a proper Japanese way along with the soy sauce (in fact Kampachi provides 3 different types of soy sauce) will give it a nice tuning to the overall sashimi. 

Gindara Teriyaki

The fourth course on the Omasake menu is Gindara Teriyaki, a grilled sablefish with soft flesh and pleasant buttery fat content. Noted that Gindara is an exquisite dish in Japan and the price do not come cheap. It is grilled with a traditional sauce to give it a nice and light taste. 


Next, we have different kind of Agemono, or deep-fried tempura. What makes the tempura special is that they use Japanese original ingredients, namely Kabocha (pumpkin), Satsuma Imo (Japanese sweet potatoes), Summer Asparagus and Oba Leaf. Even though it was deep-fried but there was no taste of greasy or even excessive oil. The Kabocha in particular, exhibit strong aroma with a unique soft texture. 

Bukake Soba

Japanese Omasake must have a main starch dish, and we had a Bukake Soba, It uses sesame based sauce to give it a refreshing and chill flavour. 

The meal ended with a unique ice cream - Wasabi Ice Cream. Though not exactly our preference, the taste of the ice cream is special - not to sweet with a hint of burning sensation. However, the Kyoho grapes from Miyazaki served with the ice cream is something that we would not mind having extra! 

The meal is best enjoyed with sake! 

Kampachi @ Hotel Equatorial Penang
+604-632 7000

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