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Early Morning 5am Chinese Nasi Lemak Near Jalan Perak Market

Having a newborn in house really turned our life upside-down. It was 5am, yet the baby was giving us a rough night for staying awake and keep crying since 12.30am, while our stomach has depleted its digestible resources and began to rebel. Suddenly, I recall there is a Chinese Nasi Lemak stall located near to Jalan Perak morning market that sells from 4.30am and usually sold out by 9am. This was one of the main reason we never get to try it as waking up early was hardly our practice. Since today we are awake and feeling hungry at this odd hour, it is a good chance to try out this Nasi Lemak then!

The Chinese Nasi Lemak Stall is located in the kopitiam right beside the pedeitraffic light at Jalan Perak morning market (on your left if you are heading to Georgetown). Unlike traditional Malay Nasi Lemak that offer the likes such as anchovies or fried chickens, this stall serve up to 10 different types of dishes such as otak-otak, okra, small fried fish, curry chicken, boiled or fried eggs, sausages, fish fingers, assam prawns and et cetera. 

Truth is only a few of the dishes appeal to me, thus I had fried fish, otak-otak and okra, then drenched with curry, which is the only gravy available. I was tempted to get assam prawns but ditched the idea last minute due to concern about the ultimate pricing. Surprisingly, these 3 dishes I picked together with rice only cost me merely RM 4, what a deal! The otak-otak is good - smooth and soft with nice taste. On the other hand, the curry was normal and it would elevate the entire Nasi Lemak if it offers a more spicy sensation.

Now I understand why this Chinese Lemak Stall often sold out by 9am. Not only the price is affordable but the taste is rewarding too, especially for someone who craved for a heavy breakfast in the morning.

Morning Chinese Nasi Lemak @ Jalan Perak
Operation hours: 5am - 9am daily

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