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What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Let's get this right - You google food to try in Budapest and Google yields results of "10 Hungarian dishes you must try" or "Top 15 Hungarian Restaurants to Check Out". Though this simple and direct guide is helpful to help you derive to a decision, but in practical it is hard to try all of the food mentioned, considering time and money are 2 big hindrance. 

Therefore, we listed what we have tried during our 3 days trips solely in Budapest, Hungary. Hope it helps you to make a decision! 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

1) Langos

Without doubt, this street snack is Hungarian's favourite dish, and ours too! The classic version consists of a simple friend bread, then topped with cheese, sour cream and onion, while advance version has variable toppings. It looks simple but the flat bread is heavenly good and satisfying to the max. Though at times we feel the fried bread was a tad greasy but the overall taste made us forgo the calories! 

As much as we love to have a Langos for our own appetite, it is still best shared it among 2 people as it feels really full after consuming it.

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?
Langos with Sour Cream + Cheese + Bacon + Onion (1000 HUF)
What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?
Full House: Sour Cream + Cheese + Ham + Bacon + Sausage + Tomato + Jalapeno + Hot Green Hungarian Onion + Red Pepper (1300 HUF)
We fall in love with the Langos after trying them at this shop - Retro Langos Bufe, somewhere near to St. Stephen Basilica and Arany Janos metro station. The taste was amazing and captivated our appetite well, to the extent we came back again on the next day. 

On first night, we had the simple version of Langos, topped with sour cream, cheese, bacon and onion. The sour cream and cheese gave a slight pleasant salty taste and red onion further elevate its overall flavour. However on the next day, we went greedy and have Full House Langos, only to find that the flavour became too complex. Sausage was too overwhelming in taste and conceal the awesomeness of other toppings. 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

The front part of Retro Langos Bufe was still having construction by the time we visited in 2019 but it should done by now. Not necessarily you have to come here for Langos, but this snack definitely deserve a position in your must try list in Budapest!

Operation hour: from 10am onwards

2) Restaurant Gettó Gulyás

Deak Ferenc Ter, the bustling square in the center of Budapest has a number of chic clubs and bars that millennials love going. However, there also lies a conventional Hungarian restaurant - Gettó Gulyás, which serves the traditional food such as Pörkölt (beef stew), goulash, Túrógombóc and many more. 

Apparently reservation is required to dine at Gettó Gulyás and we were fortunate to get a table on Thursday evening. 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?
hortobágyi gombás palacsinta
We splurged for the dinner here, ordering full 3-course meal - appetizer, main dishes and desserts. For appetizers, we had Hortobágyi Gombás Palacsinta (1420 HUF), which is mushroom pancake. The pancake is unique in a sense that it offers taste skewed toward salty side, drenched with a creamy stew sauce. It helps to warm the stomach and opens the appetite for subsequent dish.

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?
Vörösboros marhapörkölt

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?
 Bárányleves vajas galuskával

Our main intention coming here is to savour Hungarian specialties dishes, so we had Vörösboros marhapörkölt (Beef Stew in Red Wine, 2350 HUF) and Bárányleves vajas galuskával (Lamb Soup with Butter Noodles, 3450 HUF).

The beef texture of Vörösboros marhapörkölt is lovely! It is cook to perfect tenderness, well accompanied by flavourful sauce attributed to usage of wine. The same great lamb texture is achieved by the chef on their Bárányleves vajas galuskával, which is served with goulash alike flavourful stew. However, the vajas (butter noodles), which tasted like macaroni are plain in taste and not appealing to our taste buds. Perhaps we being Asians find it hard to get accustomzied to such taste. 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?
Házi túrógombóc fahéjas tejföllel
The hardest thing that we can accept there is the dessert - Házi túrógombóc fahéjas tejföllel (1320 HUF), despite it being one of Hungarian specialties. The big dumpling is made of sweet quark cheese with no filling, then served with sour cream and icing sugar. We just did not find the flourish texture palatable, and after a few bites we feel surfeiting to the extreme manner. Just not our cup of tea. 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?
red wine (720 HUF) and coffee (460 HUF) 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Overall, Gettó Gulyás is a good place to get some traditional Hungarian food if you happen to be around the city center Deak Ferenc Ter. After some food, you may consider going to the surrounding ruin pub to experience the atmosphere there. 

Gettó Gulyás
+36 20 376 4480
Operation hours: 12pm - 11pm Daily (till 12am on Friday)

3) Paprika Vendéglő

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Paprika Vendéglő is located not far from the prominent tourists spot such as Heroes Square and Szechenyi Thermal Bath. It is a restaurant with strong identity, using timber furniture to give it a rustic view and make us feel like dining in a log house. The restaurant serves Hungarian specialty dishes, along with a range of roasted items. 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

We thought of having everything on a plate, thus we had a Paprika Plate (6480 HUF) with a lot of grilled and roasted items:
- Beef & Pork Medallions 
- Breaded Turkey stuffed with sausage and cheese
- Slices of Fried Potatoes
- Steamed Red Cabbages 

Every items listed are delicious and both of us had our stomach satisfied to the maximum here! 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

For dessert, we had Somlói Galuska (900 HUF), a decadent Hungarian trifle. It appears to have a combination of carrot cake with resin with a slight rum flavour, topped with rich chocolate sauce and paired with whipped cream. The taste is heavenly delicious that we had no problem stuffing the whole trifle despite the full stomach! 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Overall, Paprika Vendéglő is worth the trouble to get here (as it is about 1.5km from Heroes Square, so you might need to catch a bus). Make it here for your lunch or dinner if you happen to be nearby. 

Paprika Vendéglő
+36 20 294 7944
Operation hours: 12pm - 11pm Daily 

4) Molnár Kürtöskalács

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Kürtöskalács, a sweet and truncated cone shaped snack rolled in granulated sugar is one of the snack that you must not miss out when you visit Hungary. It is often sold in fun fair or street shops, but the mecca of Kürtöskalács is located at Molnár Kürtöskalács.

Molnár Kürtöskalács serves up to 8 different types of Kürtöskalács, such as cinnamon, dark chocolate, coconut, almonds, cocoa, poppy seed and vanilla. Although you often see Kürtöskalács is topped with ice cream but the original version are baked dough coated with sugar and toppings. Although you can have top with ice cream here.

It ain't cheap though, as the kürtöskalács in the picture cost 1200 HUF! 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Molnár Kürtöskalács
+36 1 407 2314
Operation hours: 9am - 10pm Daily

5) Jégbüfé

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

As we were walking from Molnár Kürtöskalács to train station, we bumped into a pastry shop that somehow has an aura trying to woo us into there with its impressive display of cakes - Jégbüfé.

Only later we found out Jégbüfé holds a legendary status amongst Budapest people. The confectionery shop has its history dated back to 1952, and it has became a place of pilgrimage for those with a sweet tooth. 

Well, actually we have a list of Hungarian pastries to try out, such as Flodni, Rakott palacsinta, Oroszkrém torta (Russian cream cake), Rigó Jancsi, zserbó, krémes and many more but we just had to make a decision here due to limited time.

Eventually, we had Flodni (450 HUF), a traditional Hungarian-Jewish dish which has layered cake with walnuet, apple, plum jam and poppy seed fillings. The layering, texture and flavour are amazing!

We were captivated by the flavour and decided to take away some scones with sesame toppings as many people were purchasing them at the counter. 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

+36 1 318 6205
Operation hours: 7am - 9.30pm Daily (till 8.30pm on Wednesday)

6) Strudels in Budapest Central Market Hall

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Last but not least, remember to check out the strudels selling at the center alley in Budapest Central Market Hall. It is one of the best strudels we had thus far.

Budapest Central Market Hall (Nagyvásárcsarnok) 

What to Eat in Budapest, Hungary?

Well, that sums up the food we had during our 2.5 days spent in Budapest. Though there are many more that we would love to try out but time has impose a great limitation. Wish there are chances we could go back to Budapest again, and we would definitely seek the opportunity to purchase some fresh produce in Budapest Central Market hall and season them with the Hungarian specialties paprika, while buying many traditional Hungarian desserts that we have missed out.

Of course, we also had fun purchasing items from the supermarket. One of the great item found here is Cheetos! 

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