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Pandan Nyonya Angku Kuih (Red Tortoise Cake) Recipe

Most Malaysians are familiar with this small round or tortoise-shaped Nyonya snack, which is known as Ang Ku Kuih. This Nyonya snack has a significant presence in Chinese culture. Its red colour  symbolizes joy and happiness, while tortoise shape symbolizes longevity, power and tenacity. Ang Ku Kuih usually served during praying, newborn's first month celebration, birthday and etc. 

Here is a recipe how to make your natural green coloured (Pandan) Ang Ku Kuih at home (serves 15 pieces)

Pandan Nyonya Angku Kuih (Red Tortoise Cake) Recipe
Angku Kuih with pandan natural colour

Pandan Nyonya Angku Kuih (Red Tortoise Cake) Recipe
Angku Kuih with sweet potatoes


Green Bean Filling:
1) 150g de-skinned mung bean
2) 100g fine sugar
3) 15 1/2 teaspoon oil
4) 1 teaspoon of salt

Ang Ku Skin (Green Colour)
1) 125ml water
2) 250ml boiling water
3) 250g glutinous flour
4) 50g mashed sweet potatoes
5) 10ml cooking oil
6) Suitable quantity of pandan leaves


Green Bean Filling
1) Soaked the mung bean in water overnight for about 6 hours
2) Steam the mung bean for 30 minutes
3) Add 15 1/2 teaspoon of oil
4) Add 1 teaspoon of salt
5) Mash and blend the mixture till become a paste with fine texture
6) Let it sit and cool down
7) Roll the mixture into ball shape of 50 cent old Malaysia coin size 

Ang Ku Skin (Green Colour)
1) Slowly add warm water into glutinous flour and make it a rough dough
2) Slowly add in pandan water and knead
3) Add in the mashed sweet potatoes and knead

Note: Remember to add in water and pandan water slowly to make sure the dough become watery. If you feel the dough is too watery, add glutinous flour

Making the Ang Ku Kuih
1) Apply a thin layer of oil onto banana leaf
2) Flatten the dough, put the green bean ball shape filling at the center 
3) Encapsulate the grean bean filling with the dough
4) Put a thin layer of flour into the mould and knock out the excess
5) Gentle put the filled dough into the mould and pess it flat
6) Knock the dough out from the mould and put it on the banana leaf
7) Steam for about 8 minutes
8) Wait it cold and feel free to apply oil on the Ang Ku surface for aesthetic purposes

Have fun at home making your own Ang Ku Kuih!

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