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10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon

While penning this article, we would like to leverage this opportunity to announce that Shirleen is pregnant for 28 weeks!

As soon as Shirleen entering her second trimester, we have been discussing about a possibly Babymoon - our last couple trip before she delivers. We were excited and anticipating the coming of new chapter of our life, but at the same time the complicated feelings arise as we know hardly there will be anymore leisure travelling in future. 

10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon

The babymoon is a chance for us to do things we would not be able to do again after becoming a father and mother, at least for few years - travelling leisurely while snapping photos, venturing into uncharted territory, spending lavishly in a fine restaurant for two or trying random hawker food.

Macau, Taiwan, Maldives, Phuket, Australia, island in Philippines have came into our consideration. Who would not want a relaxing babymoon at resort while enjoying the breeze wafting the face? 

10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon
At Pivate Beach in The Culvert, Santubong, Sarawak

However, things do not always go as planned. Covid-19 became a global health hazard (the virus even more virulent as the time I am typing this), affecting our plan to go to above mentioned places. Eventually, we decided to have a domestic babymoon to Kuching instead. (note: Sarawak is still free from Covid-19 in end February)

Tips for Planning a Babymoon

1) Consult Your Doctor

Travelling during pregnancy ain't the same with normal travelling anymore. Discuss with your doctor your desire to travel, method of transportation (flight or land), destination and length. He will know the best and decide whether you are fit to travel or not. If you plan to travel by air, get a letter of clearance from your doctor in case the airlines need it (most letter only valid for 1 month upon issuance date)

2) Check Airline Policy

Different airlines might have different policy for flying pregnant women. Always check your airline prior booking is the safest thing to do. For instance, the airlines we traveled - AirAsia limits flying for prengnacy 35 weeks and above, while pregnancy between 28 to 34 weeks will need to submit an approved doctor's medical certificate. 

Consult your airlines to prevent running yourself into any problems at check-in counter?

3) A Medication Checklist

Be sure to bring along the medications that your doctor has prescribed for you and your baby general well-being. You would not want the hassles of going to several pharmacies in unfamiliar area and only to find out your essential medications are unavailable. 

4) Go During Second Trimester

10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon

During Shirleen's first trimester, she often experience fatigue and her doctor ordered her to have bed rest due to complications. At the same time, her body is trying to adapt to both physical and hormonal changes thus resulted a slower movement overall.

However things changed drastically during her second trimester, especially in the 5th and 6th month of pregnancy. Suddenly she became so active and even walk faster than me when doing groceries!

Therefore, we had our babymoon during Shirleen's second trimester. The body condition may vary across pregnant ladies though and you are the best person to understand your body.

5) Reduce moving between hotels or homestay

Moving between hotels are tiring. Everything has to be rearrange into luggage prior checking out and things get messy again after checking into new hotels. 

Why not just stay at the same hotel or minimize the movement between hotels if possible?

6) Avoid Long Travelling Journey

10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon
Jambatan Darul Hana, Kuching

Not only it is tiring during long travelling journey, sitting too long might causes other complications such as poor positioning of babies, poor blood flow and other unwanted complications. On top of that, pregnant ladies may need frequent toilet break thus long travelling journey might not be a good idea.

Avoid sitting on the same posture for a long time too during your car journey. 

7) Check out Local Medical Facilities

Do a research on the locations of local hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in case of any emergencies. You never know when will need it.

8) Check out the Food and Drinks

10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon
Coffee during pregnancy, yay or nay?

Almost every pregnant lady has a list of forbidden food and drinks, whether it is a medical advise, taboo belief or even possibly of newly developed sensitivty. Therefore, it is imperative to have a brief idea on the food served locally to reduce unpleasant expeience.

I will quote an example of our trip. For instance, fish oil usually will be added to Sarawak Kolo Mee. If you develop sensitivity toward fish during your pregnancy that causing you to throw up after consuming fish, then it is best to avoid Kolo Mee right?

9) Plan for a Comfortable and Easy Trip

10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon
Kosa Coffee, Kuching

Do not cramp your trip schedule like how you used to do it. Instead, plan for a relaxing and easy-going trip, such as a dining at rooftop restaurant, a visit to nearby Instagrammable cafe or a stay by the beach resort.

10) Take Some Memorable Pictures

10 Tips for Planning A Babymoon

Pregnancy is probably an experience once in a life time only. Ready your camera and record some of your most precious moment in your life. 

Share those pictures with your baby in future and let him or her know the journey on bringing him to this beautiful planet. 

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