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Ayer Itam Famous Roy A1 Nasi Kandar @ Penang

An awesome plate of Nasi Kandar is akin a magic chant that will bring joyful mood to most Penangites. While there are many renowned Nasi Kandar stalls that made into the must eat Nasi Kandar list in social media, there is a modest stall by the roadside of Ayer Itam Market that sells tantalizing Nasi Kandar with an inexpensive price tag - Roy A1 Nasi Kandar. The stall is manned by an Indian young chap who is fluent in Hokkien (Penang local dialect), and his Nasi Kandar has captivated the taste buds of many locals. 

Ayer Itam Famous Roy A1 Nasi Kandar @ Penang

At 5pm, the pushcart with display all all dishes will be ready by the roadside and occasionally there will be people dropping by for takeaway. Though dining-in is allowed but it is limited by the number of tables available.

Simply order any dishes that appeal to you, though I will always go for the fried chicken and an egg, then request for "kuah banjir", which means flooded mixture gravy. The gravy here offers a pleasant sweet taste and a tiny bit of spiciness that most people would able to enjoy.

Personally, I enjoyed Roy A1 Nasi Kandar much. On top of getting a plate of Nasi Kandar that fits my appetite, I can avoid the flock of tourists at the same time.

Ayer Itam Famous Roy A1 Nasi Kandar @ Penang

Roy A1 Nasi Kandar
Operation hours: 5pm - 10pm Daily (closed on Saturday)

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