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Polo Bun, Toast and Local Coffee @ 三点三Meet, Jelutong Penang

三点三Meet, a quaint place with a village setting to enjoy local coffee, charcoal toasted toasts and polo bun has gained immense popularity of late after a craze in social media. This shop is located opposite Lam Wah Ee Hospital and has been operating since beginning of 2019. As tables are limited, along with slow services by the operators, it may be a challenge for you to be seated if you go during peak hours. While the vibes of dining in such uncommon settings in urbanized town was pretty enjoyable, there food and coffee are regular items that you could get elsewhere. If you are a person who mind about flies, then suggest you give this place a skip too.

Polo Bun, Toast and Local Coffee @ 三点三Meet

Many come here for their signature Polo Bun (RM 3.20), which is freshly baked by the owner. Although it looks appealing with its golden and crumbly crust, it lacks both the crisp texture and buttery scent which we were looking for. Its saviour actually came from the cheese slices and turkey ham, which we added at RM 1 and RM 1.50 respectively.

Polo Bun, Toast and Local Coffee @ 三点三Meet

On the other hand, we pretty much enjoyed the drinks here. The cham (mixed tea and coffee) we had presented a nice aroma. At the same time, the much anticipated charcoal toast with kaya and butter spread was not exciting as we thought it would be.

Overall, it is a good place to catch up for a casual breakfast or brunch. At the same time, it offers an escapade from the bustling city life too. If you are visiting patient or waiting for medical treatment in Lam Wah Ee Hospital, this might be a good venue to get a cup of coffee too.

Polo Bun, Toast and Local Coffee @ 三点三Meet

Polo Bun, Toast and Local Coffee @ 三点三Meet

013-590 3335
Operation hours: 7.30am - 5.00pm

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