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The Dim Sum Away from Ipoh Old Town - Chooi Yue 翠月楼港式点心

A visit to Ipoh tends to be completed with a visit to classic Dim Sum shop. While Ming Court and Foh San may be popular among the tourists to savour some delicious handcraft dim sum, Chooi Yue Dim Sum (翠月楼港式点心) is another rising star that frequently patronized by locals. During our recent trip to Ipoh, two Ipohites recommended us to come here and advised to be here early on Sunday morning. As expected, the restaurant was brimming with customers on Sunday morning and we were fortunate to get a table. There are numerous dim sum options here, with different type of dim sum being served at different station closed in their trays, which pose difficulties to person not familiar to dim sum name like us. Fortunately, there are crews carrying trays of dim sum which you can pick directly from your table. Personally, we thought the dim sum here is good, and we particularly enjoyed siu mai, custard buns and loh mai kai.

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Fried Dumplings

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Custard buns

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh

The array of impressive dim sum offered at Dim Sum did put us in a conundrum what to pick for, as there were only 2 of us. General rule of thumb, if the chef has great skills, the dim sum here would be good in terms of taste. We could not find much faulty lines to vent any form of dissatisfaction here, other than annoying noise of knives clattering arise from a neighbouring mobile truck every 10 seconds, and the difficult to find a dining table (which is proof of popularity of the dim sum restaurant, a good sign actually). 

One of the item that we specially enjoyed is their custard bun. Not only it has oozing filling but the creative mixture of pandan and salted egg is amazing! 

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Siu Mai

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Har Gao

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Char Siew Pau

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Egg Tarts and Yam Cakes

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Loh Mai Kai

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh
Chee Cheong Fun

Well, here are the rest of dim sum we had for the breakfast. Everything was enjoyable.

Siu mai here is nicely stuffed with minced pork filling, yielding somehow a refreshing and clean taste. Another enjoyable food is char siew pau, which comes with smooth, nicely chopped and moist pork filling which made it something I would go for every morning. 

The Chee Cheong Fun was less exciting though. It felt too starchy and the sauce did little to elevate its taste.

Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心 Ipoh

Restoran Chooi Yue Dim Sum 翠月楼港式点心
Operation hour: 7am - 2pm (closed on Thursday)
Tel: 016-534 5965

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