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The Last Squatting Teochew Porridge in Penang @ Jalan Magazine Georgetown

Many would find it odd to eat while "squatting", yet this is a common scene for some Penangites whenever we pass by a coffee shop in Jalan Magazine. Known as Squatting Teochew Porridge, this modest stall in Bee Hong coffee shop has been operating for at least 6 decades and served the stomach of many Penangites, especially those worked as trishaw riders and labourers. 

Those days, trishaw riders and labourers would flock here during lunch hours to get a comfort meal which consists of a bowl of Teochew porridge (cooked rice grains flooded with plain broth) and a banquet of dishes, typically comprises of pickled vegetables, braised pork belly, bean curds or fishes. Interestingly, these trishaw riders and labourers prefer to eat in a "squatting" position, which westerners known as "Asian Squat".

Asian Squat is where your feet is sit flatly on the ground, with buttocks lowered down to touch your ankles and knees slightly spread apart, however you are seated on a stool in this Teochew Porridge stall. Trishaw riders and labourers prefer to eat in this position as they believe this position helps to relief their leg muscles. 

However as the numbers of trishaw riders dwindled and labourers workforce being taken over by foreigners, this is the only stall left to practice such sitting position. Few years ago, this stall was at the verge of closing, citing old age and lack of successors. Then it was back operating again, preserving the traditional and bygone traits of Georgetown in the midst of urbanization, at the same time asserting the true status of Georgetown UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Last Squatting Teochew Porridge in Penang at Jalan Magazine Georgetown

Ordering here is simple. Just head to the stall and tell uncle Tan, the main man behind this modest stall which dishes you wish to pick and its portion.

As for the taste, it was home cooked dishes with simple flavour and seasoning. Not any robust taste but it keeps your heart warm and stomach hunger fulfilled. Moreover, the price is inexpensive.

For the above dishes we had as depicted in the picture - 4 dishes (minced meat, braised pork belly, pickled vegetables and clams) and 2 bowls of Teochew porridge, it only come with a mere RM 14.

Put it this way, a cup of Boba Milk Tea today costs about RM 14 averagely. 

The Last Squatting Teochew Porridge in Penang at Jalan Magazine Georgetown

The Last Squatting Teochew Porridge in Penang at Jalan Magazine Georgetown

As we sit in the "squatting" position and enjoy our warm Teochew porridge, many passer-bys look at us with an interesting eyeview. At the same time, many locals still come to enjoy these simple meal, to the extent there were some regulars that help themselves with the dishes. 

Fret not, if you feel uncomfortable to eat by sitting in this position, feel free to sit in the usual chairs provided or even in the neighbouring coffee shop. After all, only a few seats are available for you to "squat"!

Regardless whether you are a Penangite or a tourist, this last "squatting" Teochew Porridge in Kedai Kopi Bee Hong in Jalan Magazine definitely worth a try. 

"Squatting" Teochew Porridge @ Kedai Kopi Bee Hong
Jalan Magazine, 10450, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 11am - 5pm (closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

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