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The Lighthouse Cafe @ Penang Road, Penang

The Lighthouse Cafe is a small and cozy thriving within the compound of St Francis's Xavier Church in Penang Road. There is no fancy or thrilling factors in this cafe, as they only offer familiar staples in both Western and Oriental dishes such as Char Hor Fun, stir-fried dishes, chicken chops and fish & chips in affordable price tags. Despite its relatively concealed location, the cafe has been attracting hordes of steady crowds. Whilst we enjoyed the simple yet delicious food, we gave a benefit of doubt on the crews' lackluster service and hygiene. 

The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road, Penang
Char Hor Fun (RM 7.90)

We decided to go for the classic Cantonese dish - Char Hor Fun (RM 7.90) after saw it is being put as one of the recommended dish. It was a good choice indeed. The Char Hor Fun comes with a decent wok scent along with an aromatic egg in the starchy gravy. If we were to give a rating, it would be one of the above average taste Char Hor Fun we tasted in Penang. 

The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road, Penang
Original chicken pie (RM 3.50)
Another item that being recommended on the menu holder is Original Chicken Pie (RM 3.50) but it was not up to our expectations. It had thick skin and the filling were close to Karipap's filling instead, with eggs and herbs missing primarily. On top of that, the flavour profile was not prominent and we felt like having a lump of non-flavoured mashed potatoes.

A confusion also arised when we ordered this Original Chicken Pie. After placing the order, we were informed by the crew that Original Chicken Pie has sold out, and there were only Creamy Chicken Pie left. We then proceeded to order Creamy Chicken Pie and served with Original Chicken Pie instead, and being informed again Creamy Chicken Pie was sold out. Although we did not expect anything wondrous on the service by the crew, the confusion made was a tiny shortfall that caused some displeasure. The crew did not even clarified they have amended the item on the bill and we have to clarify with another crew to ensure correct item was charged.

The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road, Penang
Marmite Chicken (RM 14.90)

Marmite Chicken (RM 14.90) comes with a generous portion of tender chicken meats. The chef has done a great job with the texture but the marmite seasoning was a shortfall. If stronger or thicker Marmite scent was present, then this will be definitely a great dish. However at the price point of RM 14.90, we could not ask for more.
The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road, Penang
Chicken Chop (RM 14.90)

The Chicken Chop (RM 14.90) was alright in taste but it could been better if the batter of the skin is thinner. 

Overall, The Lighthouse Cafe offers simple Oriental and Chinese dishes in above average taste without denting your wallet too much. Despite the lackluster displayed by the crews, another more intolerable factor was that almost all the utensils were oily, maybe due to improper cleaning and sanitization procedure. 

When it was almost the time of their restaurant's afternoon break, their staff just switched off all the light in silent hint asking the guest to leave instead of verbally inform all the guests in polite manner. Maybe this only happens in a single time and a next visit only can do the justification. 

The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road, Penang

The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road, Penang

The Lighthouse Cafe at Penang Road, Penang

Operation Hours: 11am - 2.30pm; 5.30pm - 9pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Tel: 011-5184 8224

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