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The Affordable Nasi Tomato - Nasi Tomato Sungai Nyior @ Butterworth

Having operated for decades by the roadside, Nasi Tomato Sungai Nyior is dubbed by the locals as one of the best tomato rice in Penang. Customers starting to flock the canopy shielding the stall as soon as they begin operation at 12pm, and a long queue is formed soon, stretching toward to the arm of the roadside. You can choose to have either white rice or tomato rice, then pick your favorite dishes from the wide selections available. Of course, follow the locals' way and drench your rice with a variety of curries to give it an unique flavour. On top of that, the Nasi Tomato is affordable in price and would not hurt your budget much. 

Nasi Tomato Sungai Nyior

For instance, the 2 plates we were having in the above picture cost RM 15.80, inclusive of 2 cups of drinks. Personally, we feel the price is pretty reasonable.

Nasi Tomato Sungai Nyior

Nasi Tomato Sungai Nyior

Operation hours: 12pm - 4pm (closed on Saturday & Sunday)

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