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Jan X Den Vegetarian @ Jalan Chow Thye, Penang

As more and more vegetarian outlets arise in Penang, let's not forget some vegetarian outlets that has been established for some time and serve decent good vegetarian dishes. One of it is Jan X Den Vegetarian, a modest vegetarian outlet in Chow Thye road. They serve a variety of creative vegetarian dishes, such as burgers, rice and etc in an affordable price range.

Jan X Den Vegetarian at Chow Thye Road Georgetown Penang
Volcano Fried Rice (RM 14.90)

Jan X Den Vegetarian at Chow Thye Road Georgetown Penang
JxD Burger (RM 16.90)
During our visit, we tried their Volcano Fried Rice (RM 14.90) and JxD Burger (RM 16.90). Possessing nice aroma, their Volcano Fried Rice was enjoyable though their thick brown sauce may look unappetizing at first glance. Somehow the fried rice shares similarities with Nasi Goreng Pataya we used to have in Malay warung. 

On the other hand, the JxD Burger was moderate in taste and did not manage to register a wow factor. The overall taste was alright, though its presentation may appear slightly sloppy. We would be joyful if the bun has some sesame topping it and some greens salad was served along the wedges. 

The coffee here was not appealing in taste and it would be better if you take other options of drinks instead. 

Jan X Den Vegetarian at Chow Thye Road Georgetown Penang

Jan X Den Vegetarian
Operation hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Tel: 04-226 8414

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  1. we have banned this place. a big rat running around the kitchen and the washroom as well as the pantry.

    1. Wah, when was it? Cleanliness seems good during our visit there last week.