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Cafe with French and Spanish Cuisine in Localized Flavour - Black Kettle @ Beach Street, Penang

If you ask us any cafe in Georgetown Penang that can be considered to enjoy restaurant alike quality food, then it will be this modern cafe housed in a pre-World War II building - Black Kettle.

Located at the bustling intersection between Beach Street and Chulia Street in Georgetown is Black Kettle, a cafe that has been operating since 2015. Despite the mushrooming of cafes in town, Black Kettle remained competitive in the food and beverage field, appeasing the most discerning taste buds of Penangites and tourists with its wondrous menu. 

Recently in June 2019, Black Kettle has rolled out a new set of menu after collecting feedback from its patrons. The new menu emphasizes on localization of the dishes, offering a touch of locality into the Western dishes that has strong influence from French or Spanish cuisine.

Thanks to Black Kettle Penang for extending the invitation
Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Baby Octopus & Angel Hair Pasta (RM 30)

One of the most unique dish we tried was Baby Octopus & Angel Hair Pasta (RM 30). Just like any expectations you would have in a plate of great pasta, the angel hair pasta noodles were cooked to al-dente. However, it was semi-drenched in a coconut & lemongrass creamy broth and served with a pair of chopsticks instead of fork and spoons, highlighting the traits of localization. 

We enjoyed the coconut & lemongrass broth that carries a pleasant and sleek creaminess, and it is lighter in taste if compared to carbonara. You may add on the sambal provided into the broth, as it helps to thicken the broth and introduce a tad of heat component. Overall, it is an unique pasta that no where else offers and you should give it a try if you are adventurous in your palate experience. 

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Peri Peri Chicken (RM 24)
One of the popular dish that gained significant customers' positive feedback here is Peri-Peri Chicken (RM 24). We thought it is a well balanced meal, featuring marinated boneless chicken thigh as protein, hot & puffy fries and carbohydrate and fresh garden salad as source of fibers. The piece of protein is tender and succulent in texture, then complemented well with the moderately hot and sweet homemade Peri-Peri sauce. 

We also like the slight hint of herb scent in the chicken, which perhaps derived from the Peri-Peri sauce as well. 

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Bouillabaisse (RM  31)
If you were to enjoy some French cuisine, then Black Kettle has got it to satisfy your crave. They serve Bouillabaisse (RM 31), a well seasoned soup with assortments of seafood stew (squids, tiger prawns, fishes, New Zealand blue mussels) and potatoes. The trick to enjoy the soup is to crack the complimentary toasted bread and dip it to garlic mayonnaise, then wet it with the soup to introduce a rich and nice taste. 

Both hot and cold version of the soup offers a different experience, and each has their own unique characteristics. Try it out yourself and you will know the differences. 

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Ham, Béchamel & Cheese (RM 17.50)
Shall you prefer a lighter meal, Black Kettle has a wide variety of pastries to offer. We were recommended to try their Ham, Béchamel & Cheese (RM 17.50) in a croissant. First thing first, the croissant is crisp and fluffy, a trait of croissant that not many pastry shops in Penang offer. The moment we slice the croissant, we could hear the crackling sound of the pastry, exposing the nicely formed fluffy texture within. 

We liked the pairing of croissant with turkey ham slices, Béchamel sauce and mix cheese as it created an enjoyable semi-rich taste. After that, cleanse the palate with fresh garden salads garnished with their homemade sauce which offers a fair balance between tangy and and sweet taste.

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Another item that left us with big impression is Creamy Mushroom (RM 18), a dish that has strong Spanish influence. Unlike any regular mushroom soup, the soup is thicken with tarragon butter and cream, then garnished with smoked paprika to create a unique rich texture with nice herby and spicy scent. Generous quantity of shitake mushrooms were served in the soup, and you may enjoy the soup with the crispy toasted bread. 

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Dutch Apple Pie + Ice Cream (RM 14)
Apple pie may be a common item in dessert menu and Black Kettle has taken it a notch higher. The version here - Dutch Apple Pie + Ice Cream gives an unique texture, a fluffy cake body cushioned by a rich and dense layer bottom. We cannot tell what are the dense bottom layer but somehow it mimics the poppy seed apple pie layer we had in Hungary. 

Pair this non-sweetened dessert with the ice cream served for a more well rounded taste.

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Hot Cappucino (RM 10)

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang
Aussie Iced Latte (RM 18)
Black Kettle also sings proud of using Australian coffee blend - Dimattina. We particularly enjoyed their Aussie Iced Latte, a body made of blended ice cream topped with espresso. It turned out to be something alike milkshake, and apparently Australian ice latte is known to be served this way.

Intrigued by it? Try them out!

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang

Black Kettle Beach Street Penang

Apart from functioning as a cafe, Black Kettle also serves as a Boulangerie and Patisserie, serving a wide range of pastries and breads. You could drop by and shop for some pastries and breads in case you just need a quick fix for your stomach. 

Black Kettle
Operation hours: 9am - 11.30am (Sunday to Thursday; till 12am on Fri, Sat and Public Holidays)
Tel: 04-251 9270

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