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8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

Millions flock to Paris annually to have a glimpse of Eiffel Tower in Paris just to have a glamorous shot and show off in Instagram. Indeed, the magnificent Eiffel Tower can pop up in many places in Paris, offering its wonderful structures to the viewers. There are many places in Paris that we managed to get pretty shot of Eiffel Tower that hope you find it useful. Enjoy your trip in Paris! 

1) Palais de Chaillot

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

The grandiose Palais de Chailiot is one of the perfect place to get the whole Eiffel Tower as your background. It gets exceptionally charming when the time is close to sunset, turning the Eiffel Tower into a mixture of golden red hue.

This place is forever crowded so you may need a little luck to take pictures without other tourists photobombing you.

2. Trocadéro 

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

The staircase leading to Trocadéro makes an excellent spot to frame Eiffel Tower as your background. However, a little effort is needed to make your way up to the steep stair!

3) Seine River (Along Port Debilly)

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

Have a stroll along Seine River and you can get unobstructed view of Eiffel Tower with your sitting on the stone bench. You may alter your frame to include the trees (especially during blossoming period) or even the river.

4) Bir-Hakeim Bridge

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

Bir-Hakeim Bridge is one of the most popular spot to photograph Eiffel Tower. Many couples have had their wedding photograph done here, as this place also offers photogenic view with their symmetrical pillars supporting the metro passing above it.

5) Place de Varsovie (Carousel)

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

The Carousel located just right before Jardins du Trocadero makes it a great spot to photograph Eiffel Tower, you and the carousel utilizing "The Triangle" rule. If you have some money to spend, get a ride on the carousel and you can even have a more unique picture!

6) Sacré-Cœur

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

Undeniably this is the one of the most physically challenging view of Eiffel Tower. You will have to make 300 ascending steps in Sacré-Cœur and subjected to entrance fees €6. 

Get ready for some sweats!

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

Just right before reaching Eiffel Tower (if you get down from Bir-Hakeim Metron station), you can get the shot of Eiffer Tower along Quay Branley. Ornamented with some trees along the Quay, this angle gives the Eiffel Tower a magnificent look from its bottom.

8) Place Jacques Rueff

8 Best Spot to Photograph Eiffel Tower

Trying to be playful with Eiffel Tower shot? Then try it at Places Jacques Rueff at Park Champ de Mars. Featuring a water pool, it gives a reflection of the majestic tower. You may even pull a prank by convincing your friends the reflection is the real Eiffel Tower!

Well, that basically sums up 8 different spots we have taken shot of Eiffel Tower. In reality, there are many other places to photograph it, such as Rue de L'Universite (we did but the photo was not great due to presence a lot of parked cars), Square Rapp, Avenue de Camoens, Rue St. Domonique, Pont Alexandre III, Galeries Lafayette’s Rooftop and many more. 

On top of that, if you have budget to splurge, you may opt to stay at Shangri-La's Paris, Pullman Paris, Sofitel Paris and many more that offers an unparalleled view of Eiffel Tower

Ultimately, creativity is yours is up to you how to unleash it!

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