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Restaurant Boston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 @ Klang, Selangor

Restaurant Boston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 is probably one of the restaurant with the most absurd number of patrons that we have ever witnessed thus far. First and foremost, the restaurant ain't any glamorous place with exceptional services but just another neighbourhood restaurant. However, patrons flocked Restaurant New Boston in droves even an hour before it officially open its door.

We arrived at 5pm on a Saturday, and there were 3 groups of people sitting in front of the restaurant utilising the prepared the plastic stool. By the time reach 6pm when the chef officially open the door, there were at least 30 groups of people waiting. It was such a craze. Some said the queue was worthwhile, and a few of our friends in Klang said they would not bother to join the crazy queue line. For us, we feel some of the dishes were exceptionally, especially their signature clams, Nestum prawns and Hokkien Mee.

Restaurant Botston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 at Klang, Selangor

If you pay some attention while waiting for your dishes to be served (unless you are the first table), you will see almost all tables would have a plate of Restaurant New Boston's signature lala (clams). Some even professed extreme luscious over it by ordering a few plates of lala, to the extent every dining adult will have their own plate of lala! Amazing right?

We feel the lala was indeed unique and delicious. It exhibits a hint of pleasant heat component, along with scent from alcohol. Gingers and fried garlic were added to elevate its taste. For best experience, get a piece of flesh of lala along with a spoonful of the soup for the ultimate enjoyment.

Fortunately for us the lala was fresh too, unlike some reviews we read in the Internet mentioning sometimes the lala is of smaller size and not fresh. Nevertheless, to subject to the crazy queue for another times just for the lala would rather be unwarranted for us. It is a very individualized topic though, as the number of customers coming back for the lala is like a phenomenon. 

Restaurant Botston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 at Klang, Selangor
Nestum Prawn

Restaurant Botston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 at Klang, Selangor
Hokkien Mee

We feel the Nestum Prawn and Hokkien Mee are under appreciated if compared to the signature dish lala. Fresh prawns were flooded with generous quantity of crisp Nestum flakes for the Nestum Prawns, and we can enjoy spoons after spoons of the Nestum flakes even after we finished the prawns.

Hokkien Mee deserves a better recognition here. The plate of noodles are cooked with nice wok hei and great flavour derived from the dark soy sauce. For those who love crispy pork lard, then have fun digging into the noodles to secure the "treasure"! 

Restaurant Botston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 at Klang, Selangor
Roasted Pork

Restaurant Botston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 at Klang, Selangor
You Mak Vege

Another 2 dishes we tried were not that pleasant. First was the Roasted Pork. Although it came in generous quantity with the hint of alcohol scent, the overall taste was not appetizing. Only comfort factor here is the crispy skin but when the pork meat is too thick, the overall texture and taste was bland. 

Then the You Mak Vege was way too salty for our liking.

It cost us total RM 124 for 5 dishes and 3 drinks, which we feel it was reasonable. We came at 5pm, waited till 6pm before granted entry to have a table and orders taken, then first dish came at 6.30pm. Although the waiting time may be lethargic but still worth to bring your friends come here once in a while, if they are have not tried this legend in Klang. Nevertheless, do not bring your first date here!

The queue was still there when we left the restaurant around 7.30pm that proved its popularity among the locals.

Restaurant Botston Baru 伸波士顿餐室 at Klang, Selangor

Boston Baru
+6012-905 3523
Operation hours: 6.30 pm - 2 am (Closed on Wednesday)

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