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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On User Review

It was an wonderful morning where I woke up in excitement to collect my long awaiting Galaxy S10+ from Senq. Initial plan was to pre-order with RM 300 deposit from Samsung official web but then it sold off so quickly that I then turned to Senq to place my order. The benefit of ordering from Senq is the extra 1 year of manufacturer warranty provided for Plusone member.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On User Review

Unbox the S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On User Review

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On User Review

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On User Review

This early bird S10+ came in very fancy packaging, black box printed with holo reflective "Galaxy S10" wording, unbox it to find my S10+ nicely displayed with the bundle free gift of Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Buds and 1 year screen protection with total worth of RM 1298. 

Lets focus on this lovely Prism Green colour S10+. In box accessories consist of super fast charging adapter and cable, earphone with cable, USB connector and a free transparent protective casing. The 6.4" screen already came with screen protector, by attaching the in box protective casing shall protect my phone for the time being.

Easy Data Transfer with Samsung Smart Switch Apps

Data transfer with Samsung Smart Switch

Apps and data transfer from my old S7 edge to S10+ was pretty easy with Samsung Smart Switch apps. Connect both phones with data cable and USB connector, then start sending the things you have chose from your old phone to the new phone. It took me about half hour to complete this process but this very depends on your data size. 

Rear Camera with 3 lenses

First try on the rear camera, I am amazed with the 16MP Ultra wide angle, it captures wide range of scene into the frame and maintaining the crispness. The 12MP wide angle camera is standard though, then come to the 12MP telephoto lenses that help me to zoom in my object. Super easy setting to switch between these 3 lenses.

Rear camera tested with ultra wide angle, wide angle and telephoto

Dual Front Camera

Front Camera tested with wide and normal shoot

Testing "Live Focus" mode

The "Live Focus" mode has really impressed me, came in 4 choices of bokeh effect. The first option is able to blur out my surrounding with natural soft edge effect, while the other 3 options is rather fancy for me. I am seeing myself will be using the first natural bokeh effect much often.

The built in camera do come with quite a number of filter and beauty effects to be applied for your selfie photo or video taking, very handy.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

The highly brag about in-display Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor introduced on this S10+ is said to be more secure on identify our finger by sending ultrasonic wave to read the 3D ridges of our finger, even if your finger is wet or greasy. That is pretty cool for the part that I am able to unlock my phone with my finger wet now. Besides, I find this sensor requires me to press harder on the screen for the phone to be unlocked. Just a reminder, take good care of your screen if you don't wanna damage your Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The Youtuber JerryRidEverything has recently put the phone through his test, we are shocked to find this fingerprint sensor no longer functioning when the sensor part of the screen is deeply scratched or cracked. Just be careful with the screen, ok?

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