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Lemon Koay Teow Soup 新园柠檬粿条汤 @ Bagan Lallang, Butterworth, Penang

At the inconspicuous spot in Bagan Lallang village in Butterworth lies a small and modest stall regularly patronized by the locals. They sell Koay Teow Theng only, a popular hawker food in Penang. 

Like most of the Koay Teow Theng, the bowl comes with flat noodles / vermicelli, fish balls and a generous quantity of minced meat. However, they make a difference to their Koay Teow Theng by adding lemon juices to the soup, creating a zesty flavoured soup. It does not create a wow factor but the resultant soup is more refreshing than usual, and registered a new taste compared to the common Koay Teow Theng we had. If you prefer an usual Koay Teow Theng, just informed the lady beforehand.

Lemon Koay Teow Soup at Bagan Lallang, Butterworth, Penang

Lemon Koay Teow Soup at Bagan Lallang, Butterworth, Penang

Adding their homemade chili paste readily available on every table turned the Koay Teow Theng into a fiery hot noodle. Fine tune the chili paste to your own personal liking to create a customized bowl of appetizing noodle.

Generally speaking, the Lemon Koay Teow Theng serves as a good breakfast option but not something that will intrigue me to come back purposely for it. In addition, the lady owner manning the hawker certainly has an attitude and I was not sure coming back again to stand a chance to be insulted is a right thing to do. 

Eventually, they saw me with a camera and had a 360 degree attitude changes. Even my friend was surprised by the changes.

Lemon Koay Teow Soup at Bagan Lallang, Butterworth, Penang

Lemon Koay Teow Soup
Operation hours: 7.30 - 11.00 am (Closed on Monday or whenever finishes)

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