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[SWITZERLAND] 12 Things to Do in Geneva

"Everything appeared to be in order here. The city is calm in its on way despite its modernization, filled with fresh air and clean streets. Travelling in Geneva offers an unparalleled serenity."

Shirleen had been to Geneva on a working trip in the end of 2012 and has been charmed by its beauty ever since. However due to financial constrains plus the factor we just started to work in end of 2012, I did not manage to tag along her. Otherwise, it would have been our first overseas trip. 

Therefore, she purposely crafted the itinerary to include a day trip to Geneva and let both of us explored the beauty of this city together. We wished to try so many things in Geneva but only to be hampered by the currency here. Everything is so expensive in Geneva!
12 Things to Do in Geneva
Ferris Wheel  by Geneva Lake

Things to Do in Geneva

1) Jet d'Eau at Lake Geneva

12 Things to Do in Geneva

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Stare and gaze at the iconic monumental Jet d'Eau is more than enough to stun us. The crowning symbol of Geneva has the water pumped 140m into the air. Occasionally, swans will swim at the Lake Geneva, and create a harmony pictures with Jet d'Eau as the background. 

Such a beautiful and unique scenery!

2) Ferries Wheel

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Discover 360 degree of Geneva from the top of the Ferris Wheel by Lake of Geneva! The gondola will reach 50m from the ground at the highest point of the wheel, so make sure you are ready for this height challenge!

However, we are unsure the exact operation hours of the Ferris Wheel in 2019. It was open from 1st Jun till 2nd September in 2018. Entrance fee per pax was 8 CHF.

3) L'horloge fleurie (Flower Park) at Jardin Anglais

12 Things to Do in Geneva

The flower clock is another iconic landmark of Geneva. It was created in 1995 in honour of Switzerland status as world famous watchmakers. Now you know what you should buy in Geneva yeah?

Interestingly, the clock always look different, as they are made of various flowers which bloom in different time of the year. 

You can calibrate your analogue watch here as the flower clock is being kept to reflect the accurate time! 

4) Embark on an hour Geneva Tour Cruise

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Embark on an hour cruise getaway to experience different side of Geneva! The cruise starts at Mont Blanc Pier or Jardin Anglais Pier (as depicted above) and has different schedule from time to time. Do check out their official website for more info.

Sail out from the harbour to discover the beautiful shores of Geneva, the unparalleled view of Mont-Blanc, United Nations, Parks and Gardens in the town! 

5) St Pierre Cathedral

12 Things to Do in Geneva

The 12th century St Pierre Cathedral has an unique history. It was built as a Roman Catholic Cathedral but later became a reformed protestant church of Geneva during the reformation, under the leadership of John Calvin, one of the leader of the Protestant Reformation.

Inside the church is a wooden chair used by Calvin. 

Those having an affection toward the religious part would definitely be intrigued by this place.

6) The Old Town of Geneva

Surrounding the St Pierre Cathedral is old town of Geneva, which is called Vieille Ville in French. There are various historical sites, alongside with restaurants and coffee shops with popular outside seating surround the center Bourg-de-Four-Square.  

Simply grab a cafe and unwind yourself here. Good luck on getting a seat at those popular restaurants though! 

7) Luxury Shopping at Rue de Rhone

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Immerse yourself with the luxury brands at Rue de Rhone. Biggest name of jewelry, watches and fashions all converge here. Dior, Chanel, Cartier, Versace, Bottega Venetta are simply a few that we could name here. 

8) Visiting United Nations Office

12 Things to Do in Geneva

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Geneva hosted the second largest major United Nations office. It is located at Palais des Nations. You can take a guided tour at the office following the stipulated time.

9) Broken Chair

12 Things to Do in Geneva

12 Things to Do in Geneva

The Broken Chair is a 10-metre high monumental sculpture located outside of Palais des Nations. It was constructed by carpenter Louis Geneva to syombolize the opposition to land mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder to politicians and visitors to Geneva. 

Interesting, it was intended to remain for three months since its erection in 1997 but it is still standing strong today.

10) Plainpalas Flea Market 

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Regardless of rain or shine, the Plainpalas Flea market operates each Wednesday and Sunday from 8am till 7pm. Pay a visit here and you might discover something useful from antiques, records, vintage clothes and many other stuffs. 

11) Visiting Patek Philippe Museum 

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Not far from the flea market is Patek Philippe Museum, where visitors can have opportunity to learn the creation of this prestigious watches. It documented and showcased the history of watchmaking from 16th century to now, as well as hosting a library on horology and its related subjects. 

12 ) Buying Goodies at Manor

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Shop for fashion apparels, goodies, chocolates, food or anything you need at Manor! The departmental store houses a lot of items that surely steal your attention at some part of it. 

Food We Tried in Geneva

1) Cheese Fondue

12 Things to Do in Geneva
Cheese Fondue

We knew that Switzerland is renowned of Cheese Fondue, thanks to the movie Captain's America. Therefore, we are keen to try this delicacy upon arrival in Geneva. Google derived us into a few options and we arrived at Auberge de Saviese for it.

The restaurant offers a pleasant rustic feeling with chequered red table cloth topping the table. We had a half & half cheese fondue, featuring Gruyere AOC and vacherin AOC. Of course it comes with a premium yet reasonable price tag of CHF 29 per pax, coming to 58 per pax for the pot of cheese. 

A big por of melted cheese is served to us and it is meant to be paired with breads. As soon as the crew knew that was our first time having cheese fondue, he patiently explained to us how to enjoy it. First, tear a small bit of the bread and use the long mini fork to coat the bread with the cheese. Feel free to add pepper and paprika for an enhanced flavour.

This marked our first time having the authentic cheese fondue. No doubt, we enjoyed the taste very much but at the same time we felt surfeiting toward the end. Probably we had less exposure on cheese back in our hometown. However, if you ask me would we come back again for it. It will be a definite yes! 

12 Things to Do in Geneva
Raclette portion

At the same time, we ordered a raclette portion (CHF 7) for trying. It is served with potatoes and raclette cheeese. Best eaten when it is hot. 

Reason we order? Because Switzerland is renowned for its raclette cheese! 

12 Things to Do in Geneva

12 Things to Do in Geneva

2) Kebab

12 Things to Do in Geneva
Sandwich Kebab Poulet (CHF 10)

12 Things to Do in Geneva
Durum Falafel (CHF 8)

12 Things to Do in Geneva

Shirleen told me the kebab is a must in Switzerland. Even though I feel puzzled as Kebab origins from Arabian Peninsula or Turkey region, I still listened and agreed to him. She was right then.

We never had such delicious kebab! In Geneva, kebab is considered like a street food and is widely available. The meat was so soft and fresh, and it came with a lot of vegetables for our enjoyment.

We could not recall the exact shop we had our kebab but it was near to Rue de Berne. If you must know, Rue de Berne is the red light district in Geneva. You will be surprised by the scene here, and please be mindful that no photography allowed.

12 Things to Do in Geneva

The next morning, we again had kebab but this times at another shop. The pate above showed a Grand Kebab Plate at CHF 17. 

These are all about our short 1 day trip in Geneva and we are in love with this place. Hope we have opportunity to come back again to explore Switzerland! Bern and Zurich, please wait for our visit!

Next, we are back to the Romance Capital - Paris! 

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  1. Hi Eepin! Thanks for sharing the best 12 to-do things in Geneva. I have already bookmarked your blog! I will travel to the stunning city next weekend. With your blog, I believe that my travel to Switzerland will be a lot more organized now! I appreciate your efforts! Keep sharing!

    1. You are most welcome. Enjoy your trip to Switzerland!