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London Duck 倫敦烤鴨 @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Gurney Plaza welcomes a new high profile restaurant tenant - London Duck 倫敦烤鴨. The restaurant is proud of serving top delicious Cantonese cuisine, and their signature would be the Roasted Duck. True indeed, we were impressed with the roasted duck, and even our friends who often resist duck due to its smell has no problem accepting the roasted duck here, in fact enjoyed it. However, the price of the food is rather premium here but rest assured the your taste buds will be well pampered here. 

London Duck 倫敦烤鴨  at Gurney Plaza, Penang
Crispy aromatic duck with pancakes (Half chicken RM 44.80)

London Duck 倫敦烤鴨  at Gurney Plaza, Penang

Service is swift and friendly here. We were served a bowl of soup complimentary after getting a seat, and refill is allowed without any charges. 

We had a Crispy Aromatic Duck with Pancakes (Half Chicken, RM 44.80). The portion best to be shared among 2-4 people, and the service crew will help to cut the duck into small pieces upon serving the plate to your table. Cucumber slices and pancake wrap are provided.

The taste of the duck is absolutely flavorful. Seasoning is nice, and the roasting give it a gleamingly crispy skin and juicy meat. Conventionally, duck has a strong odour but this type of unpleasant smell is totally absent. When we have it with the wrapped skin with cucumber slices and sauces, the flavour of the duck is slightly tuned down to a moderate but it does have more texture and layering though. Personally, we preferred to have the duck by adding some sauces without addition of the wrap, and there comes the thorough enjoyment of the duck meat. Absolutely delicious! 

London Duck 倫敦烤鴨  at Gurney Plaza, Penang
Braised pork belly with salted fish in hot pot (RM 25.90)

Spotted Braised Pork Belly with Salted Fish in Hot Pot (RM 25.90), a signature Cantoense dish that hard to be found in Penang. Combination of the braised pork belly and salted fish were just miraculously delicious. The flavourful pork, combined with the pleasant saltiness derived from the salted fish is just so addictive till the small serving were insufficient to cater for our appetite.

London Duck 倫敦烤鴨  at Gurney Plaza, Penang
Stir fried four types of vegetable with sambal sauce ( RM 22.90)

London Duck 倫敦烤鴨  at Gurney Plaza, Penang
Steamed Three Types of Eggs (RM 18.90)

The other dishes we had were Stir Fried Four Types of Vegetables with Sambal Sauce (RM 22.90) and Steamed Three Types of Egg (RM 18.90). We liked the vegetables as everything was cooked to nice flavour and great texture. For the Steamed Three Types of Eggs, we can feel the different types of eggs concoction inside but more seasoning would be great to elevate the taste as it tasted too plain.

London Duck 倫敦烤鴨  at Gurney Plaza, Penang

Gui Ling Jelly is provided complimentary after dining as well for each of us. Overall, dining in London Duck is pleasant and the dishes are great in flavour. With the list of extensive menu, we foresee no reason we would not come back again.

London Duck 倫敦烤鴨  at Gurney Plaza, Penang

London Duck
170-03-86, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 10 am - 10 pm

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