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Let's Meat @ Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Let's Meat is a modern cafe tucked in the neighbourhood of Lembah Permai in Tanjung Tokong Penang. The restaurant offers multi discipline cuisine and emphasize on American dishes. It has 3 different menu, catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. Let's Meat appears to be a popular destination for those residing within the vicinity. During our visit in morning, we saw a significant numbers of non-Malaysians, presumably to be expatriates dining here. 

Let's Meat at Tanjung Tokong, Penang
BYOB - Homemade Pork Patty (RM 14.90)

Let's Meat at Tanjung Tokong, Penang
The Not-So-Hungry Hungry Man (RM 21.30)
The menu features an extensive list of choices, ranging from salad, burritos, burgers, omelettes, proteins, wraps, sandwiches, rice and etc. Since it is American dishes oriented restaurants, burger would be topping our mind. There are only 3 types of burgers and we had BYOB (RM 14.90), a homemade pork patty which you can choose to add other toppings such as cheese, mushrooms, salsa and other ingredients at additional cost.

Seasoning of the patty was alright and the sauces done well to give the taste an uplifting. Overall quite a satisfying burger to have in the morning.

Another food we had was The Not-So-Hungry Hungry Man (RM 21.30), listed in the Hungry Hankering section. It was akin a big breakfast platter, come with smoked pork loin, bacon, sausage patty, scrambled egg, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and white toast. The sausage patty is delicious and we thought overall could be better if the smoked pork loin was not that dry and the scrambled egg has a tad more seasoning of salt and pepper with a more buttery texture. 

Let's Meat at Tanjung Tokong, Penang
Burnt Cheese Cake & Hot Cappucino

There is a handful of desserts available in the counter. We ordered a Burnt Cheese Cake (RM 12.00) that comes with dense cheese texture, albeit the burnt taste was not that obvious.

Let's Meat at Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Let's Meat
+604-899 8510
Operation hours: 8 am - 9 pm (Closed on Sunday)

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