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Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee Drinks at La Taste Penang and Kedah

Apprehended from the concept - the drink you choose will sway your mood, Anchor Food Professionals has launches 6 different types of creamy drinks that combines the natural and fresh goodness of Anchor's diary with various ingredients that yield concoction with zesty, sweet, savoury and salty flavour. These drinks will be featured in 15 cafes across Malaysia in Anchor's Moodmojee campaign which runs from November 2019 till January 2019

Hop over to the nearest cafe - La Taste in Butterworth, Sungai Petani and Gurun to have a try on these wonderful drinks! You may also check our post regarding another Moodmojee drinks which we tried at HIVE by Love A Loaf and Lavish Fusion Bakery in Penang Island.

Anchor Food Professionals Moodmojee drinks

Anchor Food Professionals Moodmojee drinks
Pom & Grey Twist

We were privileged to sample a few of the drinks - Pom & Grey Twist, Lemon Mint Meringue and Yuzu Chocolate Surprise

Pom & Grey Twist is an unique take on flavoured cheese tea. Conceived by Chef Ken, the drink features the soothing taste of Earl Grey Tea mixed with Pomegranate syrup, topped with a generous layer of cream dusted with cocoa powder. The overall drink give a very refreshing taste.

If you look at the nutritional value, it combines antioxidant, vitamins (especially vitamin B and C) and fibers! 

Anchor dairy products used:
  • Anchor Cream Cheese
  • Anchor Full Cream Milk
  • Anchor Whipping Cream
Anchor Food Professionals Moodmojee drinks
Lemon Mint Meringue

For those who loved to go Mamak and have a cup of air limau, then Chef Firus has crafted an elevated version of it specially for you. The new drink - Lemon Mint Meringue, featuring zesty lemon has rich lemon mint has the sourness tuned down with vanilla ice blended. then it is topped with a strong dollop of freshly whipped and torched meringue with slices of candied lemon and orange. You can even get very Instagrammable pictures with this drink.

Anchor dairy product used:
  • Anchor whipping cream
Anchor Food Professionals Moodmojee drinks
Yuzu Chocolate Surprise

Anchor team unveils this drink is their favorite among all - Yuzu Chocolate Surprise. Created by Chef Ichiro, it has an unlikely pairing of rich and sweet chocolate and citrusy yuzu that offers an interesting flavour. Yuzu Chocolate Surprise is a mixture of iced chocolate with Yuzu puree and rimmed with salt lemon cooling candy. At first touch with your tongue, you will feel the mild cocoa flavor, followed by a cooling mint taste lingering in your mouth that keeps your refreshed all the time.

Anchor Dairy products used:
  • Anchor UHT Full Cream Milk
  • Anchor Whipping Cream
Well, since these drinks are available at La Taste branches in Northern region of Malaysia. You may pair the drinks with various Asian mixed Western cuisine in their outlets.

La Taste Butterworth
+604-332 9097
Operation hours: 11 am - 11 pm

La Taste Sungai Petani
+6012-463 3400
Operation hours: 12 pm - 11 pm

La Taste Gurun Kedah
+6012-553 3400
Operation hours: 12.30 pm - 11 pm

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