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Penang Cheapest Ramen @ Higashi Hanawa Japanese Food, Hai Beng Coffee Shop

In my simple mind, Ramen should be a common street noodle with friendly price but somehow it is so expensive. Probably the expectations of ramen have went so high that it should come along with a simmering pork broth, al-dente noodles, well rounded ramen egg and braised pork belly with balanced fat & lean meat. Nevertheless, we were glad to find this modest ramen hawker stall in Pulau Tikus Heng Ong Huat 1168 Coffee Shop (latest news @ 18/11/2018: relocated to Hai Beng Coffee Shop at Burmah Road) , offering a bowl of ramen at the price of RM 7.50. Only 2 flavours are available - spicy & non-spciy. Although the quality wise might be a stark contrast to a bowl of RM 30 ramen, but these RM 7.50 ramen hits all the essential of a decent bowl of ramen that should satiate your crave.

Penang Cheapest Ramen at Heng Ong Huat 1168 Coffee Shop

Penang Cheapest Ramen at Heng Ong Huat 1168 Coffee Shop

At the price of RM 7.50 only, this is a real bargain among the hawker fare in Penang. Ramen noodles were used, though it did not has the perfect sleekness of usual ramen we had. Broth was alright for both spicy and non-spicy variant, though the taste is more skewed toward simple local favorites instead of a concoction full with complexity. The bowl comes with some proteins - ramen egg and pork slices though the presentation might be a little bit sloppy.

However for the price at RM 7.50 only, do not demand that much. It still a hit should you need to fill in the guilt of craving for some Japanese cuisine but wallet is tight.

Penang Cheapest Ramen at Heng Ong Huat 1168 Coffee Shop

Higashi Hanawa Japanese Food @ Hai Beng Coffee Shop
Burmah Road, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 8 am - 1 pm (Closed on Thursday)

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